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Season 2 the 90 Day: The single Life is set to it is in a wild one. TLC to reduce the trailer ~ above Wednesday, and it revealed a surprising brand-new romance -- Darcey"s ex, Jesse, is date Tim"s ex, Jeniffer.

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Fans will certainly remember 90 job Fiancé star Darcey"s intense breakup native 28-year-old Jesse, that hails indigenous the Netherlands, during season 1 the 90 job Fiancé: before the 90 Days. Meanwhile, fan favorite Tim additionally had a memorable romance with 27-year-old Colombian design Jeniffer in season 3 of 90 job Fiancé: before the 90 Days. In the explosive trailer, Jesse and also Jeniffer space dating.

"I feel choose a virgin, like, rediscovering, like, whoa," Jesse states as things obtain steamy in the bedroom.

He later on tells Jeniffer, "It feels like I"m falling in love through you."

However, Jeniffer doesn"t show up to be on the exact same page.

"I perform feel favor I might fall in love through Jesse, but, I"m date someone else, too," she confesses to cameras.

As because that the rest of the 90 Day: The solitary Life season 2 actors -- Stephanie, Syngin, big Ed, Natalie, and also Colt"s mom, Debbie -- significant drama also ensues. Stephanie, who made 90 day Fiancé background as part of the first LGBTQ pair to it is in featured, is currently dating men too this time roughly after she breakup withErika. The 30-year-old YouTube star says she"s to be celibate for two and also a half years and is do the efforts to shed her celibacy to someone she "could it is in a ho with."

"My ho mate," she says, after clip is presented of her kissing a guy in a bathtub.

Also spring to gain herself is 69-year-old Debbie, that notes the she hasn"t to be on a date in 40 years.

"I"m searching for someone that ns really care about, and can reap my suffer sexually," she states with a laugh.

Meanwhile, 31-year-old Syngin states he"s open up to date anyone from gothic girl to nuns after ~ his breakup withTania, but he plainly still has worries with his ex-wife. Tania appears in the trailer and the two have actually an intense argument.

"Stop f**king blaming me for s**t. Like, ns am not below to make you happy anymore," he tells Tania together she emotionally walks out. "I"m f**king done."

Natalie, 37, doesn"t seem to be having much far better luck with her days after she breakup withMike, though she walk admit, "I just like to it is in in f**king charge."

When it concerns 56-year-old Ed, he"s quiet trying to work-related it out with his ex, Liz, whom he pursued throughout season 1 of 90 Day: The single Life. He also debuts a significant haircut.

"This breakup is one of the hardest things I"ve ever done in mine life," the says. "I"m ready for huge Ed 2.0."

90 Day: The single Life season 2 premieres ~ above Friday, Nov. 12 v a distinct two-hour episode on Discovery+.

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However, it shows up Ed and Liz are definitelyback on after she said she still love him and also expressed attention in getting earlier together with him in ~ the tell-all the aired in might -- even afterhewent to ras Vegas and hung the end with various other womenjust 2 days after their breakup. Critical month,TMZ reported the two are engaged. Clock the video clip below for more.

'90 work Fiancé’s’ large Ed Spotted Kissing Ex Liz between Reported Engagement!

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