In 2017, to sing ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer winner AGT Season 12 once she was just 12 year old. Two years later, she’s a runner-up ~ above AGT: The Champions, and is at this time on her second tour.

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In a brand-new interview with the AJC, 14-year-old Darci talks around how this tour differs from she last one, and also how she proceeds to hone her talent because taking home the million-dollar prize.

Darci Lynne is announced as the winner the “AGT” Season 12.‘AGT’ Winner Darci Lynne Keeps Improving

Darci called the AJC the she tho performs “Summertime” throughout her shows. That song, performed with her puppet Penelope, earned she the golden Buzzer native Mel B in she audition for America’s gained Talent.

“I’ve absolutely improved,” she told the publication around how she’s adjusted since to win AGT. “My voice has grown. Ns still proud the what i did then.”

In stimulate to store improving, Darci claimed she watches video clip of it s her performing, at the inquiry of her ventriloquism coach. She shared, “I dislike doing it but it helps.”

Darci Lynne Heads the end On Her second Tour

Darci is right now traveling the United says as part of she Fresh out of package tour. She performs two or three reflects a month, just on weekends.


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