Want perfect coco fondue there is no the fuss? This easy recipe for cacao fondue is extremely rich and also decadent. Perfect for every the dipping!

I think it’s safe to say us are finish fondue freaks approximately here.

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We love it. We dream about it. We request it for new Year’s Eve and also birthday dinners and also Valentine’s work (and occasionally midweek simply because).

It’s kind of a substantial favorite.


I’ve waxed poetic around our most-loved cheese fondue recipe and it’s about time i gave suitable recognition come the other love in our lives: coco fondue.

I mean, hello, chocolate.

Since you already know me and also my preferences, it’s not a surprise that I’d totally forego the cheese number any kind of day over this rich, decadent, delicious nectar.

It’s therefore yummy that sometimes I simply sit and also stare into an are wishing i was dipping browned butter rice krispie treats into luscious chocolate fondue rather of…well, staring into room note come self: be much more effective through my time.


I’ve played about with the recipe end the years yet this is the one that’s type of stuck.

I’ve included a few additional note to the recipe listed below so take it a look-seeit if you room curious around any variations and also info on coco (hint: you’ll need to channel her inner Ina Garten and go for part “good-quality” coco here).

Also, speak of fondue pots (were we?), I’ve update the cheese fondue write-up with some info around fondue pots yet I’ll encompass a little tidbit here, too.

In short, I offered to have and use a Cuisinart electrical fondue pot yet didn’t love it for a many reasons (short cord, uneven heating, etc) and feel choose I to be reborn as soon as I started using this Swissmar classic fondue pot. It’s simply the best fondue pot ever. That’s all.


On those nights once we room fondueing like it’s 1999 and also we need something because that both cheese and chocolate, I usage the Swissmar pot for cheese and also pull the end my little slow cooker because that the chocolate.

I have actually a tiny dipper my mother-in-law gave me as soon as it came through her larger, new slow cooker and also I also have a 1 1/2 quart slow-moving cooker comparable to this one that my girlfriend Katie provided me when she was dejunking a few years ago…which renders me think i must have a “I’d love her hand-me-down sluggish cooker” created on my forehead; reality is truth.

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And yes, if you space wondering, the smackeroo-kissy ascendancy still uses to chocolate fondue.


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