Dark chocolate is arguably one of the finest feel-good snacks for healthy eaters.

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There is a cultivation body of research study showing health and wellness benefits such as boosted exercise capacity, a ‘protective result on the cardiovascular system‘ and other services to CVD risk factors.

Research points come flavanols – a form of polyphenol in cocoa that helps reduced blood pressure and also improve vascular function, improve cognitive function, and also even gives UV security for our skin. It’s precious noting the a the majority of the research has been over-hyped (nutrition is complex).

Traits of a healthy Dark Chocolate

When picking a healthy dark chocolate for eating, right here are the qualities to look for in a healthy and balanced bar.

High cacao contentLow sugar contentFew additives and also overall ingredientsNo included flavorNo preservativesNot “dutched” or processed v alkaliProcessed at a short temperature.

If your cacao says “processed v alkali” ~ above the nutrition label, climate it’s walk to have fewer flavanols. Handling with alkali is called “Dutching“, and also is done to minimize acidity, and also makes the coco a darker color (and arguably improves the flavor). Over there is naught unsafe around dutching – it’s just an extra class of processing.

Marketing labels

Many chocolates are tagged with all type of marketing words. Artisan, hand-crafted, good chocolate. These room opinions and cannot it is in tested. Some chocolates space labeled gluten-free – which is weird as cacao never had gluten.


Organic, fair trade, non-GMO dark chocolate. No soy lecithin. Selection of 55%-85%


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Hu Dark Chocolate

Organic, vegan, paleo, non-GMO, house ground dark chocolate. No dairy, soybean beans lecithin, gluten, cane sugar, sugar alcohols, or emulsifiers. In addition, your Chocolate-Covered Hunks have no confectioner’s glaze.

A selection of 70% cacao assets including bars, chocolate-covered nuts, and also chocolate-covered berries.


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Endangered Species

72% and 88% bars (panther). Likewise a 70% necessary bar.

Ethically traded cacao. A society enterprise through a good theme concentrating on threatened animals.


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Alter Eco

USDA Organic and also Fair Trade. Selection of dark chocolate. Look because that 85% Dark Blackout or 90% supervisor Dark.


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80%, 87%, and also 95% cacao bars.

Taza is probably the least-processed coco you can find. THE USDA organic coco combines just cocoa beans and also sugar.


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Green & Blacks

70% Cacao and 85% Cacao bars. Organic and sometimes fair trade (e.g. Maya Gold).

The 70% contains Soy Lecithin – the 85% walk not. There are no gene modified ingredients.


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Bixby & Co. Dark Chocolate

70% Cacao and 100% Cacao. Certified Organic and offers bars native cocoa bean sourced from Haiti, Guatemala, Belize, and the Dominican Republic. They additionally have a 70% bar that has actually barrel-aged Maine bourbon blended into their dark chocolate.

Ingredients are simply Organic Cocoa Beans and Organic Cane Sugar.


The great Chocolate

The great Chocolate agency only has bars as dark as 65% however they space sugar-free with herbal sweeteners and also use minimal ingredients and also processing. They also have 65% bars with mix-ins prefer almonds, sea salt, mint, ginger, and also turmeric. This is a healthy and balanced option for world who don’t favor their coco as dark and prefer sweeter-tasting chocolate however without the sugar and also calories. One, 70-gram bar is 228 calories.

Ingredients are just Cocoa beans, erythritol, cocoa butter, mesquite powder (fiber), stevia, and also vanilla. All the ingredients are organic.



The Lindt Excellence variety includes 70%, 78%, 85%, 90%, and 99% Cacao bars.

NOTE: each bar has a different ingredients perform – and also these adjust all the time.

70% – Chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, soya lecithin (emulsifier), bourbon vanilla beans.78% – Chocolate, cocoa butter, sugar, fat-reduced cocoa powder, milkfat.85% – Chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, demerara sugar, bourbon vanilla beans.90% – Chocolate, cocoa butter, cocoa powder processed through alkali, sugar, bourbon vanilla beans.


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Pure make a selection of essential dark chocolates, from 70% right up come a 100% bar.

100% USDA Organic, fair Trade, and also non-GMO certified.

Discounted at Amazon.


Based in Seattle, WA. 85% and a huge range of different flavored 70% bars. A very basic ingredients list through no emulsifier.

Theo was the an initial US chocolate an equipment to it is in fair trade and organic and continues to have one that the most ethical and also transparent ‘bean come bar’ processes.


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Another agency with honest principles, offering 70% come 88% bars.


Discounted at Amazon.

Ghirardelli intense Dark

86% Cacao coco Bars (and a 92% if you can discover it!). They have actually bars also as tiny squares. The 86% offers Soy Lecithin as an emulsifier.


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72% Cacao chocolate Bars. Prior to 2017, this bar wasn’t processed with alkali yet now that looks favor it is according to the updated ingredients. Supplies Soy Lecithin together an emulsifier.


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70%-85% Cacao bars.

This French coco is distributed in the USA however can be complicated to find. Has a variety of bars up to 85% – uses Soy Lecithin together an emulsifier.


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Amano uses a huge range that single-origin coco bars up to 70% dark chocolate.


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Moser Roth

70% Cacao and also 85% Cacao cacao Bars.

A German-made coco made for the Aldi stores. 85% is processed v alkali (we’re having trouble confirming this). Offers Soy Lecithin emulsifier.


Discounted at Amazon.

Loving Earth

Australian-based Loving earth has a 72% bar.

Raw, just two ingredients (raw cacao + coconut sugar), but being much less than 80% the does have actually a high street content.

Organic, processed there is no alkali, no soybean beans Lecithin.

Discounted at Amazon.


Vivani is a German chocolatier that sources ingredients from Ceres (100% organic).

85% bars and also 92% accessible in USA and Canada.

Organic, processed without alkali, no soy Lecithin.


Discounted at Amazon.

Ritter Sport

Based in Germany, look for the well Extra Dark (73% cocoa).

Uses butterfat to make it creamier (rather 보다 Lecithin).


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Giddy Yoyo

Based in Canada. Raw, USDA organic.

A big range of dark chocolate bars up to 100%.


Scharffen Berger

US chocolate agency (owned through a subsidiary that Hershey). Choice of chocolate squares and also bars (from 62% as much as 82% cacao),


Available at Amazon

Righteously Raw

Organic, fair trade, raw, dark cacao (83%). As much as we’re aware only cacao is handle on your machinery, therefore is allergen-free.


(Discounted at Amazon)


Organic, same trade, dark chocolate. It seems to be ~ to it is in having access issues – only 70% still accessible (2018).


(Discounted at Amazon)


Lily’s Dark chocolate bars space sweetened with Stevia (and Erythritol). It provides Fair profession chocolate and is not processed through Alkali. A great choice if friend are complying with a low-carb or keto diet. Over there is a selection of 70% and an 85%.


See in ~ Amazon.


These squares have been arisen for the diet industry (specifically low-carb or keto diets). Monk Fruit extract is supplied as a sweetener, and also fiber has actually been added (soluble corn fiber). The 85% or 92% are best.


See the sampler in ~ Amazon.

Notable Mentions

Sam’s Choice (Walmart) – select the 90% dark. Ingredients: cacao liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla beans.

Strongest Dark cacao Bars

The an ext cacao the bar has, the more powerful the bar is. Number of of the healthy brands sell really strong dark cacao bars.

Alter Eco 90% supervisor DarkTaza 95% wicked DarkLindt 90%, 95% and also 99% Extra DarkPure 7 100% BarGhirardelli 92% intense darkPacari 100% and 101% RawVivani 92% BarGiddy Yoyo life 100% CacaoChocZero 92%Ultimate DarkSam’s an option 90% Dark

Boutique Chocolates

There are countless dark chocolate makers, and also their commodities are often accessible in a couple of outlets (or an extremely localized). These are some the we’ve come across.

Malmo Chokladfabrik (Sweden) – The 1888 selection has a choice of dark chocolates (organic and fair trade). Over there is also an anti-oxidant rise chocolate (with olives !?).

A renowned bar, however Dove dark chocolates don’t do the grade.

Dove Dark ChocolateLow cacao content. Every processed with alkali.CocoaVia supplement PacksThese are similar to crystal Light, other than they have actually flavanols (the main cacao antioxidant) included in. Friend will acquire some health and wellness benefits indigenous this, yet it is an ext important to eat the totality food that has the fiber.Hershey’s one-of-a-kind DarkProcessed with alkali. High in sugar.Hershey’s Dark chocolate KissesDespite insurance claims on the package about flavanols, this is a milk chocolate.Dark coco M&M’sThe ingredients perform is pass out (they perform “chocolate” as an ingredient). However, these room high in street (more choose candy than healthy dark chocolate).Milky means MidnightLike all the liquid brands, this is no really a dark chocolate. That has much more sugar than cacao and also is processed through alkali.Kit Kat DarkNot sure how they can contact this dark. Several sugar and also palm kernel oil.Nestle Dark warm ChocolateOuch! This beverage mix is the worst of the lot. Sugar, trans-fat, and also processed through alkali.Cadbury Bournville60g of street per tiny bar.Cadbury Old GoldIt says dark coco on the label, yet it is a dairy products milk – through a high street content.Cadbury royal DarkIngredients: Semi-Sweet chocolate (Sugar; Cocoa Butter; Chocolate; Milk Fat; Natural and also Artificial Flavor, soybean beans Lecithin; Milk). Again – a milk chocolate.Brookside Dark Chocolate. This Hershey’s brand is a milk chocolate. Originally marketed together ‘containing fruit’, they have actually now changed their wording come fruit ‘flavors’.
ChoceurThis brand is exclusive come Aldi stores. Yet the ‘dark’ is just 45% cocoa and is really a milk chocolate. Aldi was likewise forced to recall the chocolates in 2017 due to almond pieces ended up in some bars.

How to choose the ideal Chocolate

Dark cacao can be a tasty treat as soon as tracking macros and also there are dozens the boutique cacao brands out there. If in doubt, use the following guide.

A true dark cacao will never have actually sugar listed an initial in the ingredients. It should always be listed below the cocoa ingredients.

It should additionally tick as plenty of of the following points:

100% OrganicNote the “organic” does no equal 100% organic (confusing!).Fair Trade> 80% cocoaNot processed with alkali

Also, note that part manufacturers usage GMO (genetically modified) ingredient (this is usually the soybean beans lecithin).

Soy Lecithin is a byproduct of handle soybeans and also is offered as an emulsifier (prevents water and also fat from separating).

Does Dark cacao have undeclared allergens?Most dark chocolates are created on the same processing line as chocolate products containing milk. I beg your pardon is why many of them have advisory labels. A 2017 experimentation of 88 bars concluded that “a high ratio of dark coco products save milk at concentrations associated with allergic reactions in sensitive individuals”.
What about peanuts?The great news is the all bars labeled as peanut-free were peanut-free. However, 17% the chocolates that had no labeling about nuts did contain traces of peanuts.
What about heavy metals?In recent years there has actually been press around Lead and also Cadmium level in chocolate. This has nothing to perform with manufacturing, however the presence of these steels in soils wherein cacao is grown. To keep in context, dietary cadmium exposure deserve to come from all kinds of foods – cereals, vegetables, nuts, etc. Given the small volumes of dark coco that we eat, cadmium in cacao should not be perceived as a major concern.

What around AMMA 100% organic Cocao its ingredient are noted as organic Cacao, eternal brightness of the stars and also infinite love. It’s native Brazil and also tastes extremely bitter so i assume it’s good?

Robin Chapman 6 month ago

Love mine dark chocolate. I try and acquire 85, 90 and also if lucky enough 95

Mallory 6 month ago

In 2015 top top Yahoo there to be legal activity taken versus some that the cacao bars friend mention due to the fact that of fail to warning of command and/or cadmium in those products. Has actually there been any type of kind of readjust that friend are conscious of in some of those bars, i.e. Lindt, green & Black, totality Foods, Theo, & Ghirardelli to surname a few. Thanks.


Please please please, do you have any type of recommendations because that dark cacao syrup? I understand that come be liquid the very first ingredient cannot be cocoa, and also I’m irritable by the reality that syrups don’t disclose your cocoa percentages the method that bars do. I simply tried Monin and although it’s very delicious (don’t come for me Monin fans) I would certainly not contact this ‘dark chocolate’.

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Thank you for such a deep analysis! i noticed that part brands started to claim at brand “fat-reduced cocoa “. Is the alkali treatment?

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