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The jury uncovered Perry and her collaborators guilty of copying a 2009 Christian rap song dubbed “Joyful Noise” by one artist named Marcus Gray, a.k.a. Flame. Gray created the song with two other writers, Emanuel Lambert and Chike Ojukwu, and also they accused Perry of taking their song’s hook.

And those comparable sounds room what Gray and his co-writers’ attorneys took Perry and also her collaborators to court over, submit a lawsuit against the pop star in 2014. The case finally visited trial in Los Angeles in ~ the finish of July, and also the trial lasted 7 days. (It’s rarely for a instance like Perry’s to go before a jury, follow to the new York Times.)

But Charlie Harding the the podcast Switched top top Pop explains that the highlight similarities must be cost-free to use by both artists, despite their similarities. Both “Joyful Noise” and also “Dark Horse” usage derivative descending minor scale in a straightforward rhythm, Harding said, and both use staccato downbeat rhythms on a high voiced synthesizer i m sorry is typical in countless trap beats.

Harding likewise says the songs space in various keys and BPMs (beats per minute), and that the melodies are not the very same notes.

Harding produced this graphics to point out the differences in between the songs:

The differences between “Dark Horse” and “Joyful Noise” Charlie Harding/ an ext importantly, “ one should have the ability to own this core structure blocks because that the an excellent of all past, present and future art,” Harding said, introduce to what he considers to it is in the an essential aspects of pop music the both songs share.

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Perry’s lawyer make a similar argument about the universality the the infringement in she closing arguments. “They’re trying to own basic building blocks of music, the alphabet that music that should be obtainable to everyone,” Perry’s lawyer Christine Lepera said during closing arguments, according to the AP.

The eyes of the regulation see it fairly differently, regrettably for Lepera and also the musicians indicted in the case. On Thursday, respectable 1, the jury chose that Perry should pay Gray, Lambert, and also Ojukwu $2.78 million in damages, v Perry responsible for $500,000 of that load. That an high-quality penalty for the popular music star — one she surely deserve to pay. However the note the verdict pipeline on the music market going forward might be simply as great.

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