I purchased my Vizio E60 series tv 2 years ago. A week ago, the left side started to gain dark. Currently it is therefore dark, i can"t open the menu and also see the info well. Is over there anything I have the right to do to settle it? Vizio"s an answer was purchase a brand-new one. Really? I simply bought this one.

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Same happened to mine moms Tv and is just 3 years old... My spicy is 5 years old and still solid guess never get a Vizio ever before again

has over there been any search for which models or which components failed this might be a manufactures defective parts.

Model # XVT 3d554SV





Hi. That looks choose the backlight on your LED TV has failed. LED TVs function long slim circuit boards through surface-mount LEDs packaged every couple of inches. Straight backlit TVs have actually quite a few strips v the LEDS spaced out over the area the the LCD panel. Edge lit LED Tvs have actually the bulk of the LEDs ~ above the sides of the LCD panel. It looks prefer your TV is direct LED backlight.

While LEDs can be much more efficient and durable than other develops of lighting, it is as much as the manufacturer to produce and implement a fine designed power system where LEDs are pushed within their specification, and create an setting where the LEDs have the right to properly dissipate heat. Unfortunately, it appears that many TV manufacturers room intentionally creating poorly design LED backlights and also overdrive the LED dies to the point of thermal failure. The is not uncommon to have actually 4 or 5 LEDs randomly dice on a 12 LED piece backlight since the TV manufacturer decided to incorporate a power supply that offers too much present to the LEDs. I would certainly not it is in surprised if a class action lawsuit is near for a couple of manufacturers.

In regards to the repair, there space a few things you have the right to do:

Take personal tv and observe strength supply board (Be an extremely careful, fee capacitors deserve to be lethal)Look for any type of bulged capacitors or back spots. If girlfriend observe any of these conditions, your power supply may have actually failed instead of the LEDsTake entire tv & LCD assembly apart and also replace led strips or LEDs top top the LED strips.

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The reason why Vizio said you to buy a brand-new TV is due to the fact that the LEDs which have failed are the hardest component to get to inside the TV. It requires you to disassemble the lcd display assembly, i beg your pardon is very fragile. In order come disassembly the display assembly, you require a lot of room and a lot that patience.

Also, also if you replace the LEDs or LED strips, that is incredibly likely that your backlight will certainly fail again within 2 years. A lot of the folks that repair LED TVs cite to get in the settings of her tv and manually revolve the backlight the the LCD in ~ least fifty percent way down. Lowering the backlight brightness will boost the lifespan of her backlight.

11/2020 Update:

There is a farming trend of making use of a huge array of much shorter PCBs to construct an LED TV backlight rather of simply connecting a few long PCBs together.

This is mainly a cost cutting measure up due to much shorter length PCBs having lower expense of as whole production than much longer boards. Rather of a TV vendor having come pay additional PCB production fees for a tradition long-length (~24-36in) PCB order, the TV vendor will opt to create smaller length (~16in) PCBs instead. While this expense cutting measure does make a many sense, a specific care has to be inserted when relying on cheap board-to-board interconnects.

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Unfortunately, these connectors are not constantly designed and also implemented correctly. One instance is if a TV manufacturer has backlight PCB strips developed at a brand-new PCB production contractor and that PCB is 1.5mm thick rather of 1.6mm thick. Sure, this is just a 0.1mm difference, yet that is enough for the spring invited contacts in the board-to-board connector to not use enough push on the PCB contacts and not command properly.

This Hackaday short article goes into exactly how these interconnects periodically fail and also can be conveniently repaired by just removing the connector and also hard wiring the LED strips along with a soldering iron: