In 2007, the background Channel introduced a show documenting the long and also dangerous journeys truckers take to remote locations of Canada and also Alaska. Ice roadway Truckers was a pan favorite together viewers tuned in to clock these drivers navigate end frozen lakes and also rivers to supply supplies to tiny towns. 

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In 2012, fans were introduced to Darrell Ward who motto was, "Any road, any type of load." Risking their stays for the job was absolutely a theme of this show. However, after wrapping Season 10 that the show, the fact star was eliminated in august 2016. In regards come what taken place to the Ice road Truckers star, Darrell was sadly affiliated in a fatal airplane crash at the period of 52.  

"Darrell Ward had just left The great American Truck display in Dallas, Texas whereby he appreciated meeting countless fans and friends and also was heading come Missoula to begin filming a pilot because that his new documentary style show involving the recovery of airplane wrecks as soon as he and also his co-pilot crashed and lost your lives,” a statement on his on facebook memorial web page read.  


According come Deadline, "The aircraft crashed right into the south side shoulder that the eastbound lanes of interstate 90 close to the rock Creek exit and then caught fire.”  

Unfortunately, since Season 11 involved an end, Ice roadway Truckers has no been fix up by the history Channel. 

"Those TV males from Hollywood space a bunch the bums! We have actually made Ice road Truckers because that 11 years," driver Alex Debogorski created on his on facebook page. "You would certainly think they would certainly call and say kiss my rear, hello or …It’s March and I have actually not heard a peep from those men so i guess the present is in the dust bin of history ." 


A push statement revealed the Darrell was set to return for Season 11 that the fact show prior to his untimely death. 

Described as a male of compassionate, the long-time trucker was someone the would commonly give ago to his community. 

"He had promoted the many recent food journey to help victims in the Louisiana Floods and also was reserved to show up as the cool marshal because that the van Convoy for unique Olympics in Nova Scotia,” the push release stated. As soon as he was no driving trucks, he would certainly be in his house state that Montana, “hunting, fishing, camping, dust bike riding, and all things outdoors.” 

Many fans have actually posted top top the show’s official Facebook site asking because that the return top top Ice roadway Truckers. However, history Channel’s response has been to encourage other collection on  the society media page. Many recently — much to the dismay of pan — the network shared a trailer of their newest show, The American Farm, i m sorry premiered this month


Since Season 12 the Ice roadway Truckers hasn’t to be greenlit, we’re just going to need to binge-watch previous episodes. 

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Our thoughts are with Darrell's family and friends. Relive Darrell's finest Ice roadway Truckers moments on

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