Gwen Ward

Gwen Ward’s husband, well-known for his role as among the truck chauffeurs on the extremely popular background Channel’s reality show, Ice road Truckers, to be tragically killed after his airplane crashed.

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According to a explain on his facebook page, Ward had actually been travelling from a truck show in Dallas, Texas, and on his method to start filming the pilot for new a documentary about the recovery of aircraft wrecks in Montana.

Reports say Darrell to be flying through a co-pilot once their Cessna single engine aircraft crashed on strategy near the rock Creek exit of federal government 90.

The Montana native involved fame after he was featured because that the last 5 of the history Channel show’s 10 seasons.


Darrell Ward pertained to fame through his duty on the exceptionally popular history Channel’s fact show, Ice road Truckers. His society media info describes Trucking had always been a large part of Darrell’s life; “from to run the harvest rigs v his grandparents and family, come driving trucks from Montana come Alaska and also all roadways in between.”

He to be a self proclaimed “adrenaline junkie” who appreciated hunting, fishing, camping, dirt bike riding and also all things outdoors.

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He was likewise known for his motto, “Any road, any load.”


He is survived by wife, Gwen and their 2 children, Reno and Terra. He additionally leaves behind 2 grandchildren, consisting of granddaughter Laila. Terra wrote on her Facebook web page as a tribute to she father:

No one will ever before take you from me no issue how tough the civilization tries dad naught can even be put into words exactly how much ns love you exactly how much it hurts me to understand I can’t talk to friend everyday! I’ve referred to as your call soo many times tonight! i have never necessary you more in my life climate right now a hug an the alright due to the fact that I am the most lost I have ever been! people don’t recognize they tell me sorry but they don’t know exactly how sorry i am the week we spent together the look at on lailas challenge when you were water skiing when she was yelling cautious papa just how shaylee will certainly never get the possibility to know your jokes i can’t speak enough around you! ns love girlfriend so lot daddy i love friend so much! You room the Legend

Gwen Ward commemorated last year once her son, Reno, was picked an initial Team all Conference. Gwen Ward can also be found under Gwen Menhusen-Ward top top Facebook. She to be the daughter that James E. “Jim” Menhusen who died aged 75, in 2014; according to his obituary.