Star Wars: Marvel confirmed told Darth Vader the Luke was His Son several of Star Wars" most essential moments walk not happen in the movie at all, and Darth Vader"s solo comic reveals a critical moment.

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Darth Vader established himself together one of famous culture"s premier villains not just through his sheer presence, menace and also power yet through giving one of the greatest twists in cinematic history: "No, i am her father." The revelation around Luke Skywalker"s dark paternity come as a shock to fans decades back in The empire Strikes Back, however what numerous may never have taken into consideration was just exactly how much that a shock it to be to Vader himself. Darth Vader #6 conveyed the vital moment, and also there couldn"t it is in a cooler messenger to deliver the news 보다 Boba Fett.

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The moment occurs following the occasions of A new Hope, once Vader undergoes an investigation to identify the Force-sensitive pilot responsible for the devastation of the fatality Star. Boba Fett proves to be a natural fit for such a task, through the relationship between the Sith Lord and also the bounty hunter gestured in ~ vaguely in the events of Empire Strikes Back however to come. This proves come be one of the previous assignments developing Boba and also Vader"s history together, and also as the comic unfolds reader prepare because that a climactic showdown between the bounty hunter and Luke.

only for Luke to clumsily do his method out that the life-or-death encounter while blind and with the help of R2D2. Undercutting Boba"s reputation together the Galaxy"s finest bounty hunter are his nearly buffoonish attempts at apprehending the Jedi in training, together he starts off solid with a flashbang that robs Luke that his capacity to see yet seems come amplify Boba"s evident weakness against blind opponents. Once Boba returns to Vader it"s with his tail in between his legs and also news of the pilot"s name, however such news proves startling sufficient to the Dark side master.

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"Skywalker." It"s every Vader requirements to hear prior to he dismisses Boba Fett, turning to challenge the glass viewing panel the end of his starship come gaze at the stars in remembrance. Vader"s memories take him earlier to Padme Amidala informing him the she to be pregnant and also his brand-new master Palpatine informing him that Padme died as a result of his rage. That very same rage balloon up within Vader as he remembers it, creating one of Star Wars" most powerfully emotional moments. The glass begins to crack.

Vader"s barely-contained anger ~ above the revelation the he had a child who made it through his lost love"s death threatens come rip a hole right into the vacuum of space, and also in the comic"s closing moments he faces a hologram that Palpatine to deal with the dark figure and also for a minute it seems choose he will revolve on Palpatine there and then. Palpatine senses his rage and also asks if Vader knows his place, to which Vader bows and offers his assurance the he does.

when the hologram leaves, Vader turns earlier to city hall the stars just for the crack in the glass to grow and also he renders a promise to himself to when again reunite v his son. Part of what proves therefore striking about the moment is how well it educates the events yet come come. Back Vader seems content at the moment to serve Palpatine and also to carry his kid to the Dark Side, fans can recognize the seed within the moment that will certainly blossom right into Vader betraying Palpatine and also returning to his son"s side after restoring balance to the pressure yet again.

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It"s a an effective moment, and it"s one that Boba Fett fits into neatly. Boba setup the stage for the scene works so perfectly, and yet it feels so appropriate for the true feeling to just come out as soon as Vader is left alone. His mask continence frequently proves impenetrable to an audience"s effort to review his emotions, and also yet all you require in the comic room the flashbacks and the farming fractures in the glass before him.