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This line is spoken by Darth Vader, voiced by James Earl Jones, in the film The empire Strikes Back, directed by George Lucas (1980).

Darth Vader drops this bomb top top Luke Skywalker at the orgasm of the movie—and by climax, we typical that the two have just had actually a killer lightsaber duel that peaked v Vader lightsabering off Luke"s hand. (And if Darth intended for a fatherly slap top top the wrist...we say he might use an ext practice.)

When audiences heard this line for the an initial time, it was a total shocker because Luke and almost everyone else in the galaxy believed that Vader was the dude who killed Luke"s dad. This is a significant plot point, because Return that the Jedi and also that entirety (highly regrettable) prequel trilogy swirled about it. This days, the quote is synonymous with any type of melodramatic reveal, i m sorry is kinda as well bad, since every genuine Star Wars fan knows Empire is the finest (just sayin").

Where you"ve heard it

Along with practically every heat of conversation in the original Star Wars trilogy, this one"s to be parodied in a ton of other movies. Oh, let"s see... What are few of our favorites? There"s the part in Tommy Boy whereby the late, an excellent Chris Farley delivers the line, while using an electric fan to offer himself a Darth Vader voice. Farley actually does the renowned misquote here, speak "Luke, i am your father." (Sorry, Chris, that"s not exactly how Vader stated it.)

Another an excellent one is in meet the Fockers, when Ben Stiller"s personality Gaylord Focker offers it to united state in Spanish, speak "Yo soybean beans tu papá" as he drunkenly announces the visibility of his Latino lovechild (watch the hilarity here). Rounding out our top three is Austin Powers: The Spy that Shagged Me, in i m sorry Dr. Evil quotes the line to phone call Austin the he"s Evil"s son, however the doc instantly takes it back, because... Well... It"s no true.

Additional noteworthy References

Pretentious Factor

If you to be to autumn this quote at a dinner party, would certainly you gain an in-unison "awww" or would everyone role their eyes and never invite you back? below it is, ~ above a range of 1-10.


It"s not pretentious, however it could not it is in a good idea to rest this one out at a party. The non-Star Wars fans will certainly think you"re a dork, and the Star Wars fans will think you"re a poseur for making use of a non-obscure reference.

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