The famous "Star Wars" video featured a fake cinema reaction come Darth Vader"s well known line from "The realm Strikes Back." Here"s how we know it"s fake.

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Published19 July 2021

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A video clip posted online has sound that was videotaped inside a movie theatre in 1980 throughout the pivotal "I am her father" scene from "The realm Strikes Back."

What"s TrueIt"s true that genuine audio exist of one audience"s reaction to 1980 cinema screening the "The realm Strikes Back." together of 2021, a video with the sound only had actually 29,000 views.

What"s False

However, a different video showing the same scene through Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker went viral, misleadingly making use of sound from an audience"s reaction to part of 2018"s "Avengers: Infinity War." as of 2021, the video clip with the misleading audio had actually been played 10s of millions of times.

On Jan. 3, 2020, a YouTube video clip was uploaded the purported to display a movie theater’s 1980 audience reaction to Darth Vader‘s key “I am her father” heat of conversation from “Star wars Episode V: The realm Strikes Back.” The video title read: “‘I am her Father’ – Cinema Reaction (1980).” The description declared that it was “found in Goodwill in January 2017.”

The Fake Video

As the July 2021, the viral video clip was nearing 10 million views and also had likely been play millions of an ext times after gift reposted elsewhere.

The only problem: The sound to be fake.

 The “I am your father” audio was not from a 1980 audience reaction come the scene. Further, it showed up that a mention of “Luke” had actually been included into the scene between “no” and “I am her father.”

The sound that audience members gasping and saying “no!” showed up to be recorded in a movie theatre during vital and spoiler-filled scene near the finish of 2018’s “Avengers: Infinity War.” The exact same reaction heard in the doctored video clip above in ~ the 0:57 mark can be listened to in the video clip below beginning at the 25:40 point:

 The misleading “Star Wars” video clip has also been endlessly reposted ~ above TikTok, earning one unknown number of total views.

A real 1980 Recording

Unfortunately, the doctored and very viral video overshadowed a genuine recording from the film’s early stage release. It was caught on audio cassettes within a movie theatre in 1980. That genuine recording was combined with video clip of the “I am your father” scene, and begins at the 4:10 mark in the video clip below:

 The video clip only had 29,000 views, roughly 310 times less than the fake clip. The actual audience reaction appeared to function silence and also shock in ~ Darth Vader‘s famous line, probably with audience members not knowing if the was informing Luke Skywalker the truth.

The 1980 audio cassette recording was an initial posted in 2011 by the user morgands1 ~ above the website, who additionally purportedly taped audio of an audience reaction to 1977’s “Star battles Episode IV: A new Hope“:

While I’d remembered law a similar in-theatre recording at a 70mm screening of “The realm Strikes Back” in 1980, i did not have the tapes and also figured they had not survived.

But, they did.

I recently situated the raw right and left channel tapes, and also have placed them together, utilizing a different process than I’d done with the reel-to-reel deck three years ago.

Transferring both networks into WAV files, I supplied the right channel as a overview track and sped up/slowed under the left channel come sync as carefully as ns could, despite it’s not always perfect. There are still sync and also phasing issues, and also a few dropouts, but the sound is great enough to carry out a home window on just how the movie existed in a 70mm engagement in the summer of 1980.

Real 1977 Tape record of ‘Star Wars’

As previously mentioned, there likewise appeared to it is in a genuine audio recording from a 1977 screening the “Star wars Episode IV: A new Hope.”

2:54) and cheer v me and also the remainder of the audience is absolutely priceless to me,” Forsche said.

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Perhaps the most priceless moment of Forsche’s recording came once Han Solo swooped in to save the job and also at the finish of the clip as soon as moviegoers could be heard go to their cars ~ the movie ended. Forsche said: “You can additionally hear me make laser beam sounds at the finish of this recording, since ‘Star Wars’ acquired me every fired up!”

As for the rumor around “The empire Strikes Back,” in sum, the viral video that claimed to attribute a 1980 cinema audience reacting loudly come “I am your father” to be fake. However, a real audio record from 1980 really does exist, yet the audience was quiet, no vocal, ~ Darth Vader‘s pivotal heat of dialogue.