~ above May 21, 1980, The realm Strikes Back, the second film in the original Star Wars movie trilogy, had an initial relax at a minimal number of theaters in the US.

The nationwide release came almost a month afterwards June 20, 1980.

Now called Star Wars: episode V: The realm Strikes Back because George Lucas decided to start producing Star Wars prequels, it’s quiet a favourite of numerous Star Wars fans — including me.

I can’t remind if I very first saw The realm Strikes Back at my regional move theater in might or June the 1980.

But I recognize I go as soon as the was shown there, in addition to my daughter, that was currently a Star Wars pan at age 6.

I vividly psychic that, like various other fans who saw it for the first time, mine mind to be blown by the shocking climactic scene in the substantial air obelisk of Cloud City on the world Bespin, once Luke Skywalker (played through Mark Hamill) fights a lightsaber duel with Darth Vader (played by David Prowse, with the voice overdubbed through James Earl Jones).

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The an initial shocker in the scene (which you deserve to watch in video clips online) is seeing Darth Vader cut off Luke’s ideal hand with his lightsaber.

Then Darth shocks viewers — and also Luke — even an ext by saying he is Luke’s father.

Vader’s revelatory heat is extensively misquoted and also often spoofed because that comedic impact as: “Luke, i am her father!”

As severe Star battles buffs know, Vader doesn’t say those exact words.

But somehow, the misquoted variation took on a life of its own shortly after ~ The empire Strikes Back to be released.

For example, a testimonial in the June 28, 1980 version of the Montana newspaper The Missoulian, states of the final fight scene in between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader:

“Both space silent. After a couple of minutes, Luke’s hand is cut off and also his lightsaber falls into a chasm surrounding him. Then all of a sudden Vader turns off his lightsaber and says ‘Luke, i am your father!’”

I’d guess the a review in a little Montana record didn’t create the famous misquote.

I suspect it to be floating around elsewhere in print and also conversations in the weeks ~ the film was released.

At any kind of rate, due to the fact that 1980, “Luke, ns am your father” has come to be one that the most acquainted movie misquotations of every time.

Indeed, it’s often consisted of in perform of top movie misquotes.

In situation you can’t remind what Darth Vader really said, here’s a transcript of the exchange between him and also Luke Skywalker with the yes, really “I am her father” quote.

DARTH VADER: “Don’t make me damage you. Luke, you carry out not however realize your importance. You have actually only begun to discover your power. Join me, and I will complete your training. V our combined strength, we can end this disastrous conflict and also bring order to the galaxy.” LUKE SKYWALKER: “I’ll never join you!” DARTH: “If you only knew the strength of the dark side. Obi-wan never told you what occurred to your father.” LUKE: “He said me enough! that told me you eliminated him.” DARTH: “No. Ns am your father.”

This freaks out Luke as much as that did audiences.

He cries: “No! That’s no true. That’s impossible!”

Then the pushes himself off right into the void of the Cloud City wait shaft, watch falling to his death.

Of course, Luke live on.

In the extremely unlikely event that friend haven’t watched the movie, i won’t describe how he survived.

What likewise survived long after The empire Strikes Back was released in 1980 is just one of the most famed movie misquotes in the recognized universe.

Maybe the many famous.

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