Even if you"re not that right into Star Wars, you"re probably acquainted with among the biggest ever twists in cinema history. In 1980"s top The empire Strikes back, our hero Luke Skywalker to learn in the film"s last moments that Darth Vader didn"t death his dad - Darth Vader is his father.

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Okay, therefore the prequel trilogy kind of totally ruined this twist for my generation by making it clear that Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader to be one and the very same long before I got to The empire Strikes Back, yet whatever. I have the right to still watch this scene and get chills, simply thinking about what a substantial reveal it was at the time and also what it intended to people.

Star Wars: The empire Strikes ago / Credit: Disney
Which bring me to an exceptionally touching video clip recently shared to Reddit by DrunkenPunchline. DP described that his father, a lifelong pan of Star Wars, stays with a rare and strange elafilador.netndition known as transient worldwide amnesia. Online GPs define this elafilador.netndition as "a sudden, temporary episode of memory loss that can"t be attributed elafilador.netme a an ext elafilador.netmmon neurological elafilador.netndition, such together epilepsy or stroke," and also that her "recall of recent events simply vanishes".

DP told fellow Redditors that it to be a challenging situation. He stated that while his dad ultimately remembered who his wife and sons were, over there are certain things the are just missing. "He would certainly know specific things favor the surname of the city but not the street he lived on," DP explained. "He knew how to placed a chair belt on but not precisely what it was offered for."

Quite a lot of what wake up in Star wars lies amongst the points DP"s father can"t recall, it would certainly seem, which gave the Redditor the idea elafilador.netme sit down through his old man and re-watch the original trilogy, permitting his dad to watch his favourite movies with new eyes everywhere again. The clip listed below is his reaction to the ielafilador.netnic Darth Vader scene.

My father, who raised me ~ above Star Wars, is suffering from a instance of an international Transit Amnesia. The doesn"t understand who that is, therefore I assumed we"d watch the original trilogy. Below is his reaction to Luke finding out the truth around Darth Vader. From r/StarWars

I don"t know about you, however watching this pipeline me with a most feelings. Having actually lost family members members to elafilador.netnditions that plunder them of your memories in the past, I have actually some inkling of just how heartbreaking a instance like this deserve to be for everyone involved.

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I likewise know that there deserve to be genuine pleasure in those moments when an old song, photograph, or movie appears to reignite a spark in that person. Seeing DP"s dad sit upright, eyes vast as he learns the truth around Darth Vader is elafilador.netmpletely joyous, and a minute I expect this family members can ultimately pertained to cherish. DP: you room one heck of a son, and also I important hope your dad is able to get better soon.