Country singer Daryle Singletary died unexpectedly Monday morning at his home in Lebanon, Tennessee, follow to publicist Don Murry Grubbs. He was 46 year old. The cause of fatality is unknown. 

He was best well-known for hits "Too lot Fun" and "I Let her Lie" — both native his self-titled 1995 debut album — as well as "The Note" and also "Amen kind of Love." 

Born march 10, 1971, in Cairo, Georgia, Daryle Bruce Singletary fell in love with nation music at very early age. Every summer his household would visit Nashville, and also it to be there he made his an initial record: "It was the best deal because that me to go to Opryland come the Barbara Mandrell record-your-own-voice studio there," he said The in 1998. "I taped (the Hank Williams classic) "Your Cheatin" Heart" … ns think ns was 12 or 13."


He moved to Nashville to seek a music career in 1990. At very first he carry out in to sing contests in bars together future stars prefer Tim McGraw, yet then a record he made, referred to as "An Old Pair that Shoes," caught the ear the one his musical heroes, Randy Travis.

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Travis" then-wife, Elizabeth, became Singletary"s manager and also helped get him signed to giant Records in 1995. The year, he exit his self-titled debut (co-produced through Travis), which included the rowdy "Too lot Fun" and the honky-tonker "I"m Living up to Her low Expectations."

Though the landscape of nation radio changed over the last two decades, Singletary stuck to the classic sounds he loved. In 2015, he exit "There"s still a small Country Left." ~ above its opened track, "Get the end of my Country," that proclaimed, "If you desire to do it right, execute it prefer old George Jones ... If you involved twang town simply for the money, then fill it up, son, get out of mine country." 

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"I to be stunned....Our prayers go out to Daryle"s wife and his children."

Singletary is survived by his mam Holly; kids Jonah, Mercer, Nora and also Charlotte; parental Roger and Anita Singletary; brother Kevin Singletary; sister-in-law Melinda Singletary; in-laws Terry and Sandy Mercer; and brother and sister-in-law Tony and Kristy Rowland. 

Funeral arrangements will certainly be announced at a later on date.


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