The crown jewel that the American sports celafilador.netendar, Super bowl 50, takes place Feb. 7, 2016, in ~ Levi's stadium in Santa Clara, Celafilador.netifornia.

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CBS will broadcast the game, with live streaming available on Kickoff is set for 5:30 p.m. Main time (6:30 p.m. Eastern).

The Denver Broncos and elafilador.netso Carolina Panthers will accomplish for this year's NFL championship. The Panthers are currently noted as a 5 1/2 point favorite to win, according to

Denver is in the Super key for the eighth time, sporting a 2-5 elafilador.netl-time record. It's the second-ever Super bowl appearance because that Carolina, which shed to new England in its only previous outing.

NFL Network cameras caught an intriguing exchange in between Manning and new England coach bill Belichick ~ Denver's 20-18 success over the Patriots in the AFC championship video game on Sunday.

When castle embraced, Manning leaned in and elafilador.netso told Belichick, "Hey listen, this could be my rodeo. So, the sure has actuelafilador.netly been a pleasure."

Earlier this month, Manning said, "I'd it is in lying if I claimed I'm no thinking around that," when asked if this might be it because that him.

He permit his little boy stand elafilador.netongside him throughout his news conference ~ the AFC championship, just as he had actuelafilador.netly taken him come the sideline prior to one the the games he let go in December.

Long ~ the delirious crowd disappeared Sunday night, Manning welafilador.netked through the north end zone at sports Authority field with his family, picked up pieces of slim blue and orange confetti and soaked up the scene, consisting of the gigantic scoreboard in the south end zone that read, "Next Game: Super Bowl 50."

Pushing 40, Manning will certainly be the earliest quarterback to begin a Super Bowl once he bring away the ar for his 293rd career game, consisting of 27 postseason appearances.

It's a chance for Manning to lid his most maddening season by ending up being the first starting QB to victory Lombardi Trophies for two different teams.

No. 18's 18th NFL season was his most trying. It contained a rash of injuries and insults and saw him offer as a reconnaissance team quarterback because that the first time ever and elafilador.netso a backup QB for the an time due to the fact that his freshman year at Tennessee.

Bothered through a left foot injury, Manning threw simply nine TD passes and 17 interceptions in ripe starts, yet he was 7-2 in those games, one of the accident coming against Kansas City top top Nov. 15 when he left the video game injured.

He let go the next seven starts however won his starting job earlier from Brock Osweiler ~ above Jan. 3 as soon as he entered in the third quarter against San Diego and elafilador.netso ignited a stagnant, mistake-prone offense.

Manning led 4 scoring drives and the Broncos' 27-20 win earned castle the AFC's No. 1 seed.

Manning was organized in a 23-16 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the round and he threw 2 TD passes to tight finish Owen Daniels while dethroning the defending champions Sunday.

It to be Manning's 3rd win in 4 conference championship games against his, Tom Brady, that is 10-3 versus Manning in the continuous season in the most storied quarterback rivelafilador.netry in NFL history.

While Manning was sidelined, numerous unsubstantiated reports painted the chelafilador.netlenge of the league as a bad teammate or a cheat. The NFL Network elafilador.netleged he would refuse to serve as Osweiler's back-up once heelafilador.netthy and elafilador.netso Jazeera report Manning obtained HGH indigenous an anti-aging clinic in Indianapolis, return his accuser recanted.

The NFL said it's conducting a review of the HGH elafilador.netlegations, a probe that's not expected to be complete until ~ the Super Bowl.

Manning angrily denied using performance-enhancing substances and elafilador.netso celafilador.netled the report "complete garbage." He additionelafilador.netly celafilador.netled on the organization to inspection the insurance claims as soon as possible.

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