I think that many world have heard the phrase "Daughter is the little lover the the father in his previous life. When the family relationship rose to lust, she seemed so selfish

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I believe that many people have heard the phrase "Daughter is the small lover of the father in his previous life." The implicitly of this sentence discover the father"s boundless love for his daughter.


yet in genuine life, if a daughter really becomes a lover of a father, it will be a tragedy ~ above earth.

Zhang Ailing"s novel "The heart Sutra" tells together a wonderful story. Twenty-year-old young and beautiful daughter, Xiaohan, praised she father in former of her classmates. Human being who didn"t understand thought she to be just full of admiration for her father. However, under this appearance, over there are secrets that rather don"t know. Xiao Han"s love because that his father has actually exceeded the affection in between father and also daughter. Once the family relationship increased to lust, she appeared so selfish. She want to have actually the love of her father alone, she didn"t want to do boyfriends, or also jealous of her mother.

If the roadway Xiaohan go is a quagmire, climate Xu Fengyi is the one that led her to the abyss. As a dad shouldering the responsibility of a bright future because that his children, he led his daughter right into an unbearable place, which is tied to it is in spurned by the world. Although together a thing is rare in genuine life, it need to be real, and also it has additionally sounded the alarm for the world. The love the father and also daughter need to never cross the boundary.

A daughter fell in love with her father and went astray

as soon as Xiao Han commemorated her twentieth birthday, she praised she father in front of she classmates and was complete of admiration for him. There are only photos of her and also her father on her piano stand. All the students thought she had a an excellent father and also a happy family.


however when Xiao Han celebrates his birthday, every the students pertained to participate, and also her father also came the end to celebrate, however Xiao Han’s mommy did no appear, which suggests that under the illustration of this happy family, the is concealed An environment of discord.

unexpectedly appeared, after every her classmates left. Xiaohan action affectionately to his father choose a child.

Xiaohan gently slid up and also down his nose with an table of contents finger, saying: Don’t pull it up.Otherwise, it"s a standard modern-day old lady!

Xiaohan advised his father no to smoke cigars, act favor a kid in prior of his father, and also do not want to thrive up. Due to the fact that growing up means that the relationship with his father will come to be strange.

The little girl is not judicious Such intimacy come his father is not excessive, it also looks a little cute. However after all, Xiao Han is a 20-year-old girl, and she needs to pretend to it is in a child and be nearby to she father, which not only appears to be inconsistent in age and also identity, but additionally It reveals that her feel for her father are complex and unclear.

Xiaohan is in adolescence, should be the age of falling in love, however she refuse to fall in love, and also introduced her friend Gong Haili to she classmate Lingqing. Because when Xiao Han was chatting with her girlfriend Ling Qing, she found that Ling Qing’s family was no well, and she was passionate to marry herself. Xiao Han introduced Ling Qing come Gong Haili, however Gong Haili always liked Xiao Han.

Gong Haili said: "Others that doesn"t matter, these words can"t be blown right into Osamu"s ears! "Everyone believed what he said was strange and also asked him. He couldn"t save it from me, so he vomited that honestly. Anyone knew about it. I never ever thought the he remained in love through me secretly.

Xiaohan deliberately called Xu Fengyi the Gong Haili chosen her, but she presented her friend to Lingqing.


Xiaohan just did this to let Xu Fengyi recognize that she is love by someone. Yes, the reason she didn"t autumn in love was because of him.

Xiaohan said: "I don"t setup to leaving you for the whole life. One day when I am old, world will say: Why doesn"t she obtain married? She has never had a chance to obtain married! no one loves her! anyone thinks this way-maybe also you think so. Ns can"t help but protect against this day, so ns let girlfriend remember all this.

Xiao Han is acquiring deeper and also deeper top top the not correct road, she doesn’t desire to fall in love,To be with my father forever. She also used high-pressure tactics to complement Gong Haili and Duan Lingqing, lest her father doubt her.

Xu Fengyi knows the his daughter"s function is to invest a lifetime with him. Although he to be spiritually comforted indigenous his daughter, he couldn"t be happy. due to the fact that he think he still has actually a tiny bit of human nature.

The unhealthy psychology the every child comes from the influence of the family, and also Xiao Han was indeed wrongly induced in the procedure of growing up.

2. Dislocation the love is destined come hurt each various other

that is understandable the a dad loves his daughter, however it should be measured and bounded. When a daughter is really young, intimacy in between father and also daughter is essential and also normal. Yet when the daughter is a teenager, the father need to put an end to excessive physical intimacy with the daughter. Also if the daughter still has actually this habit, the father should tactfully refuse the daughter. For example, if friend are already a huge girl, girlfriend must have a big girl. Look choose this. After ~ you have actually repeatedly reminded her, her daughter will feel the her dad does not want her to it is in so intimacy through her father, so she will gradually adjust her behavior and also develop a healthy relationship.


but Xu Fengyi is a selfish man. Not only did the not prevent his daughter"s intimacy, he likewise looked favor he took pleasure in it.

Xiao Han stand up through his confront in his hands, walked roughly the ago of the sofa, and also when that was about to go, that bent down again, clasping Feng Yi"s throat through both hands, and resting his jaw top top his head. Feng Yi extended out her 2 hands and also pressed she hands together. After ~ a while, Xiao Han didn"t go.

after all, Xiao Han is a twenty-year-old girl, and she must have her own cognition in the emotionally direction. He at some point led his daughter come a marshland. He hurt not just his daughter, but also the love the mother and also daughter.

If Xiaohan doesn’t love his father, over there is no barrier between mother and also daughter,But Xiaohan"s feelings because that his father were not healthy, it was a kind of occupation. She naturally had an invisible obstacle with her mother. In order to fight for the love of the same man with her mother, Xiao Han in reality neglected she mother, and also even hated and hated her mother.

her leg is pressed strict on her mother"s leg-her very own flesh and also blood! She unexpectedly felt a solid disgust and also terror. Who are you afraid of? Who execute you hate? her mother? Herself? castle are just two women who love the very same man.

just how despicable Xu Fengyi is. A man who must love doesn"t love him. The neglects his wife, but focuses on his daughter. When Xu Fengyi uncovered that his daughter to be sinking deeper and deeper and unable come extricate himself, Xu Fengyi, who was suffering from honest morality, finally came to be sober, and he made decision to escape from his daughter.

as soon as Xiaohan knew the her father to be living with her classmate Qingqing, she was mad, she was much more anxious than her mother, she rebuked her mother for not taking manage of her father, she even mocked her mother It was through her friends come retaliate against her.

Xiaohan cut his hands behind his back, and said v a trembling: "Don"t it is in proud! Don"t think that you assisted them to bully me, girlfriend will gain revenge—"

How terrible the evil love is, she actually doubt that the mother who loved her deeply was she enemy.


Isn"t Mrs. Xu the most hurt woman? she husband doesn"t love her, and she is hated by she daughter for no reason. In the past, she didn"t want to think that there to be a distinct relationship between her daughter and also her husband. When she uncovered that she daughter was mad to protect against Xu Fengyi from gift with various other women, she believed that she daughter really dropped in love with her father.

Xu Fengyi cheating on various other women will certainly definitely reason damage to Mrs. Xu, yet compared to the injury Xu Fengyi and also her daughter cause together, it is no a relief. It deserve to be seen that misplaced love damages not just one person, however the totality family.

3 Husband and also wife love is the main point of family members happiness

Writer Yishu when said a sentence deeply rooted in the mind of the people: "When ns was fourty years old,Good health, a tiny savings, a considerate husband, obedient children, and also a project that i really like. This is success. You don’t need to be well known or do a fortune. "

has faded the fame and also fortune. Putting aside the glitz, household happiness is the best success. And to measure the joy of a family, it depends on even if it is the relationship in between husband and wife is harmonious? The relationship in between husband and also wife is straightened out, and other relationships deserve to be straightened out.


Xu Fengyi does no love his mam at home.

together Xiaohan said: "If you love her, girlfriend love her together I am here, if girlfriend don"t love her , you still don"t love her if girlfriend send me come Siberia.

back Mrs. Xu loves her husband, Xu Fengyi does not love his wife. The disharmony in between the husband and also wife is the source of every problems.

If Xu Fengyi loves his wife, he will certainly not pay fist to it. V daughters, daughters will not walk astray.

together the speak goes, the finest gift a father provides to children is come love their mother.

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A smooth relationship between husband and also wife is the beginning of every happiness.