Since "National Lampoon"s Christmas Vacation" to be released in 1989, we"ve never ever looked at Christmas lights or sleds the same way. View where the cast is today.

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Since "National Lampoon"s Christmas Vacation" was released in 1989, we"ve never ever looked at Christmas lights or sleds the very same way. View where the actors is today.

If you’ve ever walked out right into the freezing cold and uttered, “It’s a little nipply out," you’re probably one that the numerous fans the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation — the third installment that the Vacation series. A perennial favorite, this 1989 john Hughes’ film complies with Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) together he do the efforts to do a memorable vacation for his wife Ellen (Beverly D’Angelo), son Rusty (Johnny Galecki) and also daughter Audrey (Juliette Lewis). Griswaldian comedy ensues: Clark uproots a 20-foot Christmas tree, emblazons his residence in blackout-inducing Christmas lights, and also hosts a disastrous dinner for his family that has surprise visitor, Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid). Ever wonder what taken place to these Christmas stars? read on...


Chevy chase as Clark

Chevy Chase was currently a crate office star when he take it on the function of Clark Griswold because that the third time. He to be commanding large bucks many thanks to the success that Caddyshack, the very first Vacation movie and also Fletch, but his career began to stall after a succession of crate office bombs complied with by a short-lived talk show. In 2009, however, the comedian re-entered the spotlight as Pierce Hawthorne top top the hit sitcom Community. His success lasted under than four seasons, however, together the actor involved in a very publicized feud with series creator Dan Harmon. Upset over the absence of attention paid come his character, that left the show, call sitcoms “the lowest type of television.” that later showed up in 2010's Hot bathtub Time Machine, and also the film's 2015 sequel, and the comedy Lovesick.


Beverly D’Angelo as Ellen

Never mental the truth that Beverly D’Angelo appeared in Annie Hall and Coal Miner’s Daughter — she’s best known together Ellen Griswold, the ever-loyal Griswold matriarch. Complying with her movie success in the 1980s, she went on to appear in such films as Pacific Heights, American History X, Harold & Kumar Escape native Guantanamo Bay and The house Bunny. In 1988, she met Al Pacino ~ above the collection of Sea the Love. The couple had pair together yet never married. In 2013, she showed up in the grindhouse-inspired indie film, Bounty Killer and in 2015, rejoined follow to appear in the soft reboot of the Vacation franchise, aptly titled Vacation.


Juliette Lewis together Audrey

Although a family members name nowadays, Juliette Lewis was relatively unknown when she first appeared as Audrey Griswold. Her huge hit came years later when she was actors by boy name Scorsese in his 1991 film, Cape Fear. Her mostly improvised “thumb-sucking” scene v Robert De Niro punctuated one award-winning performance and also led to roles on Woody Allen’s Husband and also Wives, What’s eat Gilbert Grape and Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers. In 2012, she starred top top the short-lived network drama, The Firm, and a year later played sister to Julia Roberts in the film August: Osage County. An outspoken Scientologist, she divorced skateboarder Steve Berra in 2003 and lives in Los Angeles. 


Johnny Galecki as Rusty

Chase might take into consideration television sitcoms the lowest type of comedy, but that most likely doesn’t stroked nerves Johnny Galecki. Indigenous 2007 come 2019, Galecki starred in the hit comedy The large Bang Theory, in which he played the physicist Leonard Hofstadter. Galecki had actually a recurring component on Roseanne for 5 years and reprised his duty on the revival of the present in 2018. He's also had duties in together movies as Vanilla Sky and also Hancock.


Randy Quaid and Cousin Eddie

The Oscar-nominated actor complied with up his role as the Hamburger Helper-loving military vet with functions in Independence Day, Kingpin and Brokeback Mountain.

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However, in 2010, he and also his mam were arrested for causing much more than $5,000 in damage at a rental house. The couple fled to Vancouver, declare a cabal that Hollywood executives and also lawyers were the end to ruin them and has claimed that they had actually a hand in the deaths of gibbs David Carradine and Heath Ledger. He and also his wife ultimately made their means to Vermont wherein authorities have compelled them to remain.