A calculation of Dave Chappelle's Comedy Club, offered to the Yellow Springs planning Commission Tuesday night.

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Dave Chappelle’s plan restaurant and also comedy society in Yellow Springs earned unanimous approval from the village planning board of directors on Tuesday night and will relocate forward v construction.

According come the plans submitted to the Yellow Springs to plan Commission, Chappelle plans to contact the restaurant “Firehouse Eatery” and also the comedy society “Live from YS.”

Chappelle’s company, stole Table Holdings LLC, to buy the previous Miami Twp. Fire station in December. The station is situated at 225 Corry St.



Plans for Dave Chappelle's brand-new comedy club in Yellow Springs common at last night's meeting. Screenshot

Jamie Sharp, representing the Yellow Springs Downtown service Association, stated there to be resounding, unanimous assistance for the comedy club.

“As a group, we space all excited around the opportunities and possibilities this task is bringing to us, and we’re really happy come welcome Dave in our organization community,” spicy said.

ExploreDave Chappelle to open comedy club in previous fire terminal in Yellow Springs

However, some world still express concerns around the club. Wayne Gulden and Bette Kelley live across the street indigenous the comedy club and have resided in that house for 30 years. Gulden and Kelley claimed they to be concerned around parking, though they hoped the comedy club was successful.

“I are afraid that patrons in ~ the reflects will fill up the adjacent lot, leaving the other organization patrons with no options,” Kelley said.

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