For two glorious seasons, Dave Chappelle delivered some that the finest sketch comedy ever made ~ above his landmark Comedy central series Chappelle"s Show. The display tackled everything from race relations to drug use with everything handled in Chappelle"s signature comedic style. The show was a huge hit. The received outstanding ratings because that Comedy central to the allude where the network offered the comedian $50 million to keep going on. At the point, the unthinkable happened: He to walk away.

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The human being was stunned come hear the news the there would be no more Chappelle"s Show. If Dave would ultimately return come stand-up comedy, releasing several Netflix specials over the years, that doesn"t seem favor he has any type of interest in going ago to his old format, despite his inarguable success. To this day, there stays a many conversation about his infamous decision, and Chappelle self can"t it seems to be ~ to acquire away indigenous questions around his selection to leaving what was a surefire moneymaker. He"s tho dogged through questions about it, as shown by a current episode of My next Guest needs No advent with David Letterman. The host asks about the incident that make Chappelle decision to leaving his present for good, and also the comedian"s answer offers some much-needed closure because that anyone sad lock won"t ever before get to see the 2020 Player Haters Ball. 

Spoiler alert: Chappelle has actually no regrets.

Dave Chappelle thought human being were laughing in ~ the wrong thing

Early in the interview, Letterman broaches the topic of what specifically caused Chappelle to leaving his show. They acquire to talking around how Chappelle was filming a specific sketch, and a crew member laughed at a beat that he believed wasn"t yes, really the point of the sketch. While there was racial feeling in the lay out in question, the laughter seemed to stem native something not regarded the satire. The crew member laughed at Chappelle rather than with him through the sound that it. As Chappelle place it, "It simply raised an interesting question come me, which ns was already wrestling through in the very first place." 

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It sounds like Chappelle was already grappling with a significant dilemma: did his present satirize racial stereotypes or reinforce them?

He seems to have interpreted the enormous power and respect the show gave him. In ~ one point in the interview, Chappelle mentions that he was "bigger 보다 to be comfortable with." also if his intentions to be good, the means it was coming across to audiences, consisting of that one crew member, seemed to be obtaining lost in translation, and also he rightfully wondered how he have to proceed through his career. That goes on come qualify that the one incident wasn"t the just reason that left the show, yet it did play a part. 

Letterman asks about the certain sketch in question and what it to be about. Chappelle explains it together such: "The map out wasn"t the bad. It"s actually funny. It to be a pixie. It to be me pull on in blackface who"d pop up at any time a human felt the pains of racism, which is a difficult trick to traction off. It"s no a poor sketch, but hearing the not correct laugh, when you"re dressed the way, it provides you feel shame." 

Considering Dave Chappelle"s present net precious is estimated to be approximately $50 million, it"s for sure to to speak he"s doing just fine for self without his own sketch comedy collection and hope he"s in a much happier ar than the was all those years ago. The full episode of My following Guest needs No development with David Letterman featuring Dave Chappelle is now easily accessible to clock on Netflix.