“For human being who have met all 3 of us, Tom Franco is the unanimous favorite Franco,” claims Dave, younger brothers of James.

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Last week, Dave Franco—the actor, unapologetic cat lover, and younger brother to James—made his Sundance film Festival debut through The tiny Hours, a comedy indigenous Jeff Baena in which Franco dram a deaf mute in medieval times that is ruined by profane and amorous nuns (Aubrey Plaza and also Alison Brie, amongst others). During his inaugural expedition to Park City, Utah, Franco quit by Vanity Fair’s video clip suite come talk about growing up in his famously bohemian family.

“We simply lived in a family members that to be weird and artsy,” Franco told executive, management West shore editor Krista Smith. “Our parents were both painting majors in college, and my mom has been composing her whole life . . . My friends every make fun of us and also say how our Thanksgivings were more than likely us all sitting about making sculptures the end of our mashed potatoes, yet it was a really nurturing household.”

Franco likewise kiboshed the myth the there are only two handsome, talented siblings in the Franco family.

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“There space three Franco brothers,” Franco clarified, stating that his and James’s lesser-known sibling is “Tom, that is five years older than me. For civilization who have actually met all three of us, Tom Franco is the unanimous favorite Franco. He’s the best one—the best-looking, the sweetest, the nicest, best guy to it is in around. We keep him to ourselves. He is our tiny secret.”

constantly had cats,” said Franco, who has shared a YouTube video clip of his own feline brood. “We are the strange household where, like, over Christmas, if we all lug home the cats . . . We’d have like eight cats in the home at once, i beg your pardon we found out was illegal in Palo Alto where we grew up. Therefore we’re in reality the weird cat family. I have two huge cats appropriate now. Ns the monster cat guy, and I’ve realized end the years that that is among the quirkier things around me, but I’ve embraced it. Ns can’t hide ’em anymore. I desire to talk around Tom Franco and cats, that’s it.”