Dave Grohl opens up Up

It’s to be 24 years because Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain tragically took his own life. Because then the two continuing to be members the Nirvana have actually gone on to go after their own ventures. Bassist Krist Novoselic continued in music off and on and also even got in politics.

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Drummer Dave Grohl, as you may know, developed his very own band Foo Fighters and went ~ above to carry out several musical tasks over the last 20 years and is exceptionally successful.

American singer and also guitarist kurt Cobain (1967 – 1994), performs v his group Nirvana in ~ a taping of the television regime ‘MTV Unplugged,’ brand-new York, brand-new York, Novemeber 18, 1993. (Photo by frank Micelotta/Getty Images)

Since Kurt’s disastrous death, both Dave and Krist have actually been who open around how they’ve encountered the loss of their friend. This time around, however, Hot Press captured up with Dave Grohl and asked him around Kurt. Dave to be significantly an ext open. Right here is what he had to say.

“The Nirvana suffer was together a whirlwind. It all occurred so easily – explosive without any type of warning, and also then it simply disappeared. Life had readjusted so much, the was practically like you had actually to discover something to hold onto so the you didn’t gain swept away. As soon as it was over, ns couldn’t imagine stepping on phase or sitting under at a north stool and also playing music any type of more. It would certainly just lug me ago to the heartbreaking place of shedding Kurt. A lengthy time walk by where it felt that music was going to break my heart again. Then ns realized that, actually, music to be the one thing that to be going to heal it. I had been recording music through myself for years without ever playing it because that anyone. I assumed that going under to the studio at the finish of the street would be therapeutic. Ns didn’t think the would end up being a tape – and also I sure as fuck didn’t think it was going to it is in a band for 20 years.

You have to understand – for me, Nirvana is much more than the is for you. It to be a really an individual experience. Ns was a kid. Our stays were lifted and then turned upside down. And then ours hearts were damaged when Kurt died. The totality thing is much much more personal than the logo or the t-shirt or the top image. I felt I had actually to perform it to exorcise other in mine soul. The on purpose of this tape from job one has constantly been to save the ball rolling: together musicians, as human being beings, together friends. Come feel choose life keeps moving forward.

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Us still feel like that every time we make a record – every time we action on stage. We feel prefer life is relocating forward and also that we’re not looking back.”