While countless viewers were first introduced come Jackie Siegel aka the Queen of Versailles with her appearances top top Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean, others recognize of the socialite from her 2012 smash-hit documentary, The Queen that Versailles.

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Jackie and also her husband, Westgate resorts Ltd. Founder David Siegel, permit cameras in together they functioned on your luxury residence in Windermere, Fla. The residence has actually been aptly referred to as "Versailles," since it is modeled after the palace in France. As soon as it's completed, the 90,000 square foot house will be among the biggest single-family residences in the joined States.


However in 2008, during the filming of The Queen that Versailles, the family temporarily quit construction since of the autumn from the good Recession.

Now, points are ago on track for the Siegel family, and also there's an finish in sight for the house to be complete. 

Jackie spoke specifically with elafilador.net around the latest update through Versailles, how the designs have shifted because work started in the early aughts, and what she's heard around The actual Housewives that Miami reboot.

Though The Queen that Versailles verified to it is in a an important darling and also a pop-culture classic, there was no closure about what precisely happened to the Siegels or to your home. 

The documentary concluded v the couple unsure about when Versailles would be up and running.

Nearly a te after the film debuted, Jackie has several updates about the palatial estate. Cameras will certainly be existing as significant work continues, and they'll remain until the finishing touches are added. 

The Victoria's Voice structure creator plan on Versailles being totally finished by mid-2022.

"I began shooting a show, and also I desire to finish Versailles in ~ a year and also a half," she solely told elafilador.net. "It's going come be about me finishing Versailles and also a behind-the-scenes look v the rooms going native drywall come elegant and also finished."

Since she started work on the estate in the at an early stage '00s, her plans have adjusted tremendously. After all, numerous of her kids are now grown, and instead of making playrooms and also creating kid-friendly spaces, she's adding in a secret bar. 

"When I started Versailles twenty years ago, some of my youngsters weren't even born yet and also the rest were toddlers," Jackie shared. "I had actually nannies' rooms next to the kids' rooms and also a zero-entry pool. I was putting up a merry-go-round and also all this stuff. Now my kids are in your teens and also 20s and they don't desire a nanny next to their room. They desire their privacy due to the fact that they're walk to it is in sneaking their far-ranging others in."

The Florida resident is turning those now-superfluous spaces into expanded closets. As for the various other bells and also whistles, she has actually a couple of exciting updates. 

"I'm placing in a mystery speakeasy, a private closet v an elevator, and also a mystery closet," Jackie said around what other plans have altered. "The ice skating rink — the youngsters don't care about it anymore. That's going come be transforming into a las Vega-style nightclub, through karaoke and dancing." 


She hopes that the residential property will at some point have a guardhouse and also a guest house. Rather of scaling things back, prefer some viewers can have expected, Jackie's focused on expansion. 

"It's going come get also bigger, and it's really exciting to watch. I'm happy to perform it since so many civilization were left hanging with what happened at the finish of The Queen of Versailles.

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There to be never any follow-up, and the movie finished too soon. There to be no ending," she added. "I'm creating the ending."

Those who watched Jackie's documentary or her 2 appearances in the Below Deck world will currently know the she makes great TV. Though she Florida residence is situated in Orange County, the former pageant star wouldn't mind making a few trips come Miami to movie scenes because that a rumored fact reboot. 

"I've heard the they’re bringing back The actual Housewives that Miami, and also I wouldn't mental if they wanted to invite me to a dinner or come a party," Jackie teased, before including that she's friends v one former castmate: Lea Black.