It’s been decades because we’ve viewed him, however longtime days of Our resides fans have the right to hardly forget David Banning, Julie’s beloved son last played by Greg Marx in the 1980s.

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Well, Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) is in for fairly a shock following week once she learns her son and also only son is dead, according to the February 20 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Julie learn this disastrous information from her grandson, Scott (last play by general Hospital’s rick Hearst) and skips over the disbelief component of grieving and also enters the hysterical part.

That’s happens regularly when shedding a child and Julie’s guilt in ~ how much they’d get an impression apart eats away at her. She had planned to speak to him and also then loser that chance forever.

Killing turn off Julie’s only child that the audience hasn’t viewed in years seems odd, however it looks favor it’s about to wrap the way for the personality to have a whole new story. Valerie’s (Vanessa Williams) child is about to come in town, and also we assume finding out David died prompts Val to disclose the truth–that she son, Eli, is David’s son, and therefore Julie’s grandson.

Still, Julie will have to address her grief next week together nobody can replace a child. Also with hope (Kristian Alfonso) and also Doug (Bill Hayes) rallying about her, the character appears inconsolable.

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