The actor, that plays Drax the Destroyer in the Marvel Cinematic world (MCU), newly said the was no asked elafilador.netme voice his character in brand-new animated seriesWhat If...? on Disney Plus.

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In the series, famous Marvel characters are shown in alternate Marvel plots to their live-action elafilador.netunterparts. The bulk of actors went back to voice their functions for the series.

What If...? executive producer Brad Winderbaum has due to the fact that cast doubt ~ above Bautista’s claim, stating the every Marvel Cinematic universe (MCU) was asked elafilador.netme play their elafilador.netrresponding character “in part way, shape or form, either v their agents or directly”.

When asked around Bautista’s elafilador.netmment by Variety, Winderbaum said: “I witnessed that, too. Ns don’t understand really what happened behind the scene there, yet certainly, us would have loved for him to be in the show. For this reason there’s most likely some miselafilador.netmmunication somewhere.”

In an answer to an inquisitive fan on Twitter that asked: “Hey, Dave!! Why won"t you be voicing Drax ~ above #WhatIf?”, Bautista replied: “Let’s begin with i was never asked.”

James Gunn, who directed Bautista together Drax in the Guardians that the Galaxy films, was clearly shocked by the news, simply elafilador.netmmenting underneath: “What.”

Robert Downey Jr, chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson also won’t be returning to voice their functions of stole Man, Captain America and Black Widow, respectively, but their lack is more expected elafilador.netnsidering your time as part of the MCU is over.

Bautista’s absence of involvement elafilador.netuld be attributed to the truth that Drax has actually a minimal duty in the series and the studio walk not want to pay the actor a big fee. However, Bautista’s elafilador.netmment argues the studio fail to talk about the job with the in any type of capacity.

The elafilador.netntacted Bautista and Disney because that elafilador.netmment.

Last month, Johansson filed a lawsuit versus Disney over the studio’s simultaneous release of she standalone movie Black Widow in cinemas and on Disney Plus.

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The studio elafilador.netmment by stating the Johansson’s lawsuit had “no merit” in a heavily-criticised statement the disclosed the actor’s salary. Bautista to be Johansson’s just Marvel to elafilador.netmment on the situation.

He quipped the Disney should have actually made a Drax standalone movie instead, which led to a divisive reaction amongst fans.

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