Buried Alive

David Blaine has actually made a surname for self as one of the world’s best magicians, and for over two years he has been wowing and amazing human being with his skills. Blaine shot to fame through his street magic TV series, where he would certainly amaze everyday civilization as he tried to carry his craft back to its previous glory. The illusionist is therefore casual if performing his tricks it permits viewers to gain the majesty that his feats as the staggers fans. All focus is top top the reaction of the world the tricks space performed on, mirroring audiences just how spellbinding Blaine deserve to be.

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While his street tricks were great to watch, Blaine want to walk bigger and bolder, so he cooked increase a large stunt to catch the world’s imagination. Buried Alive to be his an initial big stunt which to be performed back in 1999, and since then he has actually kept performing these exceptional feats. We’ve had a emergence behind the curtain and are unraveling the mysteries behind several of David Blaine’s best tricks.

This was Blaine’s an initial big trick and also seemingly among the most dangerous. He was entombed in a plastic crate while three tons of water to be poured on top to save him there. Blaine gone into the tank and stayed over there for seven days there is no food and also minimal quantities of water.

Buried Alive

He emerged from his tomb after seven days proclaiming to have actually seen something prophetic, a vision the every race and also religion banding together. The trick was done by pure endurance, i m sorry would become a theme for Blaine’s life-threatening stunts.

Vertigo to be performed in public, much like Blaine’s other tricks, yet there was a very real risk to his life. Blaine was standing on a 100 ft narrow shaft high above brand-new York, it was just 22 customs wide, and also the magician wasn’t harnessed. There was no safety net, and all he had to defend himself from solid winds were 2 retractable handles.


Amazingly he invested a complete of 35 hrs standing on height of that small pillar prior to plunging down to a landing made of cardboard boxes. The only mystery to this trick to be mentally blocking out the should move, Blaine merely stood on optimal of the platform that entirety time.

David Blaine was going to host his breath for much longer than any kind of person had ever before done before, going beyond human capability. He held his breath because that 17 minutes and four seconds, break the human being record. There in reality was no trick here, Blaine really hosted his breath for that long, however it take it him months of cultivate to have the ability to do it.

Drowning alive

Blaine trained by staying in a hypoxic tent, i beg your pardon is the very same as continuing to be at high altitudes. This training increased the number of red blood cell in his body, definition he carried more oxygen in his blood. He took one critical gasp the oxygen before holding his breath for an practically unbelievable time while encased in a glass sphere.

This performance as soon as again pushed what the human being body was qualified of. The magician was proposing to remain in a perspex box for 44 days there is no food when suspended above London. This trick would press Blaine come his limits, and after 44 job of no food and minimal water, the star arised from his box. Blaine withstood taunting indigenous the british public, with people throwing food and drink at him.

Starving over London

One funny person also flew a hamburger suspended native a remote-controlled helicopter around his box. The an enig behind the trick was that Blaine really risked his life. He to be rushed to the hospital instantly after arising from the box after shedding 25 percent that his body load in a month.

This stunt would view Blaine record a .22 caliber bullet in his mouth, despite risking his life. He offered a cup to safeguard his this from damage and also the an enig to this trick lies in that device. The trick was a clever use of video clip editing as Blaine was no really walk to danger his life.

Bullet catch

You check out Blaine catch the bullet, but the cup is in reality rigged to punch smoke and vibrate to make it look favor the cartridge hits. The video clip then go in slow activity to present the cartridge hit the cup, but again this is camera trickery. Something was shot into his mouth, however with just sufficient speed come look convincing sufficient to fool the audience.

With fame and fortune has come a organize of glamorous life partners because that the magician. It has actually been reported that Blaine had been dating French supermodel Alizee Guinochet due to the fact that 2008, return rumors that a separation have to be surfacing for years.

Blaine’s dating life

The pair have one daughter together who was born in 2011. Amazingly, once Guinocet entered labor there to be no car on the road as result of a blizzard, therefore Blaine hailed a snowplow to take it his companion to the hospital.

Before Blaine to be romantically linked to the French model and also mother of his child, he was dating one more European catwalk dweller. David Blaine remained in a connection with Dutch version Lonneke Engel in 2006.

Lonneke Engel

The model started modeling in ~ the period of 12 and also worked because that fashion brand such together Guess, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, and also Chanel. ~ hitting the catwalks for almost two decades Engel retired from modeling in 2012, concentrating on her way of living site Organice your Life.

Besides dating some of the world’s most beautiful models, Blaine has actually been rumored to be in number of relationships with huge celebrities too. In 2002 it was believed he was date Blade jogger and wall Street actress Daryl Hannah.

Famous partners

Hannah wasn’t the only famous challenge Blaine was connected to, and also in 1999 he was rumored to it is in dating version turned actress Bijou Phillips. Blaine climate turned his attention to among the most famed women in the world and allegedly had a fling with pop sensation Madonna.

Blaine has been well-known as among the world’s top magicians because that over two decades now, however it all began for him back in new York. He was born in Brooklyn together the kid of schoolteacher Patrice White and William Perez, with his father gift a veteran of the Vietnam War.

Where the magic began

While life in the city, Blaine found magic. As soon as he to be just 4 years old the spotted a magician in the subway which motivated a lifetime of illusion and also trickery.

One of Blaine’s most well known street magic tricks involves him biting a chunk the end of a heavy coin. It looks favor he must have shark this to gain through the metal, but then he in which method manages to gain back the coin come its initial state.

Biting a chunk native a coin

This cheat is in reality easily described as it’s just a gimmick coin provided by the magician. An initial he swaps the original coin for his very own special one and uses the rigged coin to do it look as though he’s bitten it.

In 2012 David Blaine go through one of the scariest tip he can have ever before chosen, to be electrified through one million volts. The magician spent 72 hours constantly being surrounded by a deadly electrical current, and also during the time that couldn’t eat, drink, or sleep.


It was all made feasible as Blaine wore a distinct suit that carried out the electricity. That intended he was not in any real danger, so lengthy as the suit organized up under the stress, overload of the million volts!

David Blaine really commits self to his tricks, and also in 2000 the froze self in a huge block of ice in time Square, new York. The magician invested 63 hours encased in ice, v water and also air supplied to him v a tube while he saw the restroom via another tube.

Frozen in ice

Hopefully the didn’t obtain the tube confused! when again the was around endurance because that Blaine, as he had to be cut from the ice by chainsaws and also then rushed come the hospital to stop him from going right into shock.

David Blaine’s many recent go back to our screens seen him dazzle dozens of rich and also famous celebrities. It was a cheat he performed number of times when stood in prior of stars like Drake, Dave Chappelle, and also Steph Curry. Blaine asked them to think of and also draw a little animal.

Frog trick

When they drew a frog, Blaine conduct to sneeze the animals up one at a time. Blaine consumed the frogs however he probably first swallowed a bag for them to sit in while he coughed them increase one at a time.

In 2008 Blaine hung upside under above central Park’s skating rink because that 60 hrs without a safety net. Hanging upside under for any type of length of time is tricky, yet 60 hours is impossible. Blaine had actually to take continuous breaks to stretch as well as receive medical checks.

The Upside down Man

Some pan reported see the magician was standing on a platform while high. Afterward, Blaine admitted that was way tougher 보다 he imagined. He was at danger of blindness and had to pull himself up to make sure his blood circulated properly around his body.

When Blaine saw England the tried a map trick on Stephen Hawking. Blaine called the scientist to think of any kind of card indigenous the deck in front of him. Hawking to be impressed to see that Blaine had actually his card ready and also waiting in ~ the bottom of the deck.

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Tricking Stephen Hawking

No issue what card Hawking chose, Blaine was prepared. That would have actually had an additional on height of the deck in instance Hawking decided differently, and also others in his pocket. That a trick that can’t go wrong for someone as experienced as Blaine.

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