Occasionally, a TV show comes along and also leaves a lasting impression on culture as we recognize it. We"re talk "Friends," "The Office," "Game of Thrones" and also "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." In "Buffy" — which premiered in 1997 — buy it Michelle Gellar dram the titular heroine fated to battle vampires, while likewise navigating the trials of high school, alongside her sidekicks willow (Alyson Hanigan) and also Xander (Nicholas Brendon). Naturally, the vampires get even less screen time than Buffy"s teenage problems, which encompass her feelings for the tortured vampire through a soul, angel (David Boreanaz).

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Though creator Joss Whedon combine Buffy up through the hunky bloodsucker because that the show"s first couple of seasons, the blond slayer likewise finds love with one more vampire called Spike in later episodes. Both love understanding sparked a war among fans, as viewers transport Buffy with either Spike or Angel. Politician Stacey Abrams (who to know a point or two around romance!) also waded into the fray through expressing her Twitter opinion that Spike to be the right partner for Buffy together she taken on her powers. 

Of course, Spike was only presented as a love attention for Buffy after point of view left the present in Season 3, despite the fact that point of view still continued to crop up indigenous time come time in the Buffy-verse. However why walk he leave in the very first place?

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After David Boreanaz left "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," the went on to star as the eponymous antihero of the spin-off show "Angel," follow to display Rant. Per the outlet, "Angel" was one more one of Joss Whedon"s creations — and also once the manager realized the everyone"s favourite vampire "could lug an entire series by himself," that wasted no time in writing Angel out of town in order because that Boreanaz to star in his own show. Yet it wasn"t till Season 2 that Whedon perceived Angel as much more than simply Buffy"s love interest. About this time, point of view briefly lost his soul and also succumbed to violence, providing Boreanaz the possibility to "show his range as an actor with a totally different side of the character" (via screen Rant).

Like the present that sired it, "Angel" explored dark, gritty themes as Angel functioned towards redemption. "It was incredibly transitionally amazing for me," Boreanaz said Entertainment Weekly in 2017 that filming the spin-off. "It was an chance to take it this character right into an adult-oriented show, which to be unlike the Buffy-verse and more or less towards the shed souls in the city." decades later, the actor is still a clip on Network TV, wherein he currently appears in the CBS military drama "SEAL Team" (via Cheat Sheet). When it"s a stretch to attribute Boreanaz"s success wholly to his breakout function in "Angel," having actually his own present is certainly a contributing factor.