June 16, 2021 - 15:39 BST Rachel Avery Iman Abdulmajid married singer David Bowie in 1992, and also the model has actually a stunning tribute to her late husband the she has just unveiled top top Instagram.

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Iman took to Instagram ~ above Wednesday to reveal her super chic office room and in the background to be a heartfelt tribute to she late husband David Bowie. The gorgeous black-and-white photograph shown on the wall of her home office is a shot that was captured in a bridal photoshoot in south Africa because that Vogue magazine.

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David and Iman tied the node at Lausanne City hall in Switzerland ~ above 24 April 1992, and the couple went on to have actually an Italian wedding celebration event a few months later. On their official wedding day in ~ the city hall, the bride wore a suit, however after the couple were married, they had actually a bridal-esque shooting in south Africa on the beach, where Iman donned an tremendous wedding dress.

Iman has a tribute to she late husband ~ above the wall

Speaking around the pilgrimage to Vogue, Iman said: "It didn’t feel prefer a shoot but like a capricious second honeymoon." and the beautiful pictures certainly looked like they were having actually a lover time!

In the image that Iman has actually chosen to placed on show at home, David is kissing she on the head as her tulle headscarf was draped over her head like a veil. The stunning photos were recorded by photographer Bruce Weber, and Iman has since revealed the he to be the human being to take it David"s all-time favourite photo. "It was during this sitting the Bruce developed David"s favourite portrait the himself and me, 2 sweethearts sneaking a smooch."

Iman and David Bowie,1995 by Bruce Weber pic.twitter.com/uyzYp5fviI

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The couple did a stunning bridal shoot in south Africa

David sadly passed away aged 69 top top 10 January 2016, ~ battling liver cancer.

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Iman constantly wears a tribute to him, in the form of a gold necklace with this name on. Shortly after his death, she spoke out around it throughout a fashion show: "I"m put on this until my death. It"s just been a hard year, yet I"m hold up".

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