David Bowie‘s longtime collaborator and pianist Mike Garson has spoken out around the late star’s legacy and leftover music – as well revealing his think on renowned tribute performances by Lorde and also Lady Gaga.

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Garson is right now touring with a an option of Bowie’s previous live bandmates because that the ‘Celebrating David Bowie‘ mirrors – performing the icon’s greatest hits with a variety of unique guest vocalists. Having actually played through Bowie on countless albums and also tours between 1973’s ‘Aladdin Sane’ and his last ‘Reality’ shows in 2004, Garson claims that that takes a an extremely special high quality to step in come cover the star.

“There’s never going come be another David,” Garson said elafilador.net. “The closest 2nd was last year once Sting satellite in on ‘Lazarus’ and ‘Blackstar’ at a show- that did a wonderful job. Ns appreciated David for all of the years the I operated with him, however not favor I carry out now.


“You can’t compare anyone come David, yet you simply need to keep rotating and finding great singers to perform the ideal they can. Every once in while, friend do an excellent one. We had actually Lorde singing ‘Life top top Mars’ in ~ the BRIT Awards – she go a great job and that was good to component of. We’ve additionally had some great performances from Perry Farrell and Mr Hudson. I’m finding out as grasp of ceremonies just how to conduct this things.”

Speaking the Lorde and why Bowie explained her together ‘the future of music‘, Garson said: “There room artists the feel choose they’re larger souls and more spiritually evolved. Bowie recognised that. He experienced that in Trent Reznor as soon as I to be playing v him ~ above ‘The Fragile’ album. David was the ultimate spreading director and also knew who had actually the magic. Ns played in 13 bands v him however never played through a bad musician. Every tape he chose was for the era that he needed.”

He revealed: “He had actually a gift because that seeing it. He observed it in Lorde, she had a magic and also a vibe. An additional artist is St Vincent – she has a vibe. These artists room out there. Linda Perry, Juliette Lewis – ns considering this together a proceeding celebration the Bowie’s music. Will they every be great? more than likely not. I’m trying to have actually them not imitate David, yet bring their own take come it. Joe Elliot and also Simon Le Bon were good at that. There’s practically no one who turns me down when I call, because they to be all affected by David.”

As for Lady Gaga’s divisive Bowie tribute in ~ the 2016 GRAMMYs (which come under fire from his kid Duncan Jones and former Spider indigenous Mars drummer Woody Woodmansey), Garson admitted: “I think it was in the wrong direction. Had I been on the show, I would have said her law ‘Lady Grinning Soul’ v me top top the piano alone, simply doing her thing.


“She has actually a an excellent voice and is a an excellent entertainer, she just went overboard and lost the magic. Say thanks to god the Bowie Alumni Band and Lorde picked that up and salvaged that. Artists do mistakes, but to i have dissolved her as an artist since of the wouldn’t be fair due to the fact that she’s a great artist. Ns hoping she’ll join us top top a display somewhere and also sing one or two songs. Nile Rodgers too.

“I must have a perform of 100 alumni that I’d love to execute with us and over the next 5 years I’d like to work-related through them.”

British popular music singer David Bowie in concert at Earl’s Court, London throughout his 1978 world tour.

In the wake of Bowie’s death, Garson admitted that he couldn’t listen to his “phenomenal” last album ‘Blackstar’ as it was “just heartbreaking” – specifically as they had actually conversations around working with each other again in his last few months.

“The conversations we had in 2005 and also 2006 were that he want to be a father and also be there because that Lexi for the following 10 years,” Garson revealed. “That’s the genuine truth. Then, in the last couple of months prior to he passed, that was talk to Brian Eno around maybe getting in addition to us to execute the <1995 album> ‘Outside’ trilogy. Going back and finishing that. We wanted to carry out three CDs but we only did one.

“Back in ~ the time, some assistant technician stole the tapes ago in Montreux in Switzerland and also then David lost interest. Part 20 odd year past and he was then thinking about that and discussing it through Brian. That wasn’t expected to be due to the fact that he passed, but that might have happened. I might have seen us touring. Ns don’t understand if we would have done ‘The following Day’ and ‘Blackstar’, I doubt we would have done one or 2 of those songs from those albums.”

Former David Bowie pianist Mike Garson

Speaking on other leftover material, Garson said he was certain there would be lot of of unreleased songs .

“On the ‘Reality’ tourism we’d execute ‘Bring Me The Disco King’ together an encore,” stated Garson. “What civilization don’t know is the we tape-recorded a whole different version that that song on ‘Black Tie White Noise’ that was never released, then one more version top top ‘Earthling’ and he still no happy climate again ~ above ‘Reality’. There would certainly be three gems the didn’t accomplish David’s vision, but trust me – they were all great. I hope that they’ll come the end at some time.

He added: “There are things the I’ve operated on that haven’t to be released, yes. Look in ~ ‘The Gouster’ native the ‘Young Americans’ sessions. I couldn’t even remember play on those. I heard a bunch that songs i hadn’t heard because that over 40 years. I suspect there’s much much more floating around. God knows what occurred to every the material we worked on because that ‘Outside’ with Brian Eno. That could be revisited and also reformed, because we had actually hours and also hours of jamming.”

The celebrate David Bowie tour

To mark Bowie’s death, this week will see variety of musicians who functioned with the late artist throughout his esteemed career tour a set of his biggest hits because that ‘Celebrating David Bowie’. The concert series was originally introduced through an inaugural live display at London’s Brixton Academy earlier in January.

Among the artists set to attribute on the tour are pianist Mike Garson, King Crimson’s Adrian Belew, Carmine Rojas, Fishbone lead singer Angelo Moore, Gerry Leonard and Gaby Moreno. The tour’s main site also promises ‘special guests’ across the live shows.

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Tour days are below, through tickets on sale here.

January 2018

10 – Salle Pleyel, Paris12 – O2 Shepherd’s bush Empire, London13 – O2 Ritz, Manchester15 – Olympia Theatre, Dublin16 – Paradiso, Amsterdam17 – Tivoli Vredenburg, Ultrecht

February 2018

10 – silver- Spring, MD at The Fillmore silver- Spring11 – Philadelphia, PA in ~ Keswick Theatre12 – new York City, NY in ~ Irving Plaza13 – Albany, NY in ~ The Egg16 – Boston, MA at Chevalier Theatre17 – Montreal, QC at M Telus18 – Toronto, ON at Danforth Music Hall19 – Detroit, MI at imperial Oak Music Theatre21 – Minneapolis, MN at Pantages Theatre22 – Milwaukee, MN in ~ Pabst Theatre23 – Chicago, IL in ~ The Vic Theatre25 – Denver, CO at Paramount Theatre27 – ras Vegas, NV in ~ Brooklyn Bowl

March 2018

4 – Santa Rosa, CA at Luther Burbank Center6 – san Diego, CA at Balboa Theatre7 – Mesa, AZ at Ikeda Theater10 – Seattle, WA at Benaroya Hall11 – Portland, OR at Roseland Theatre