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David Cassidy gets candid v Dr. Phil McGraw around his fears neighboring his ongoing fight with dementia.

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In a Dr. Phil interview the airs Wednesday, The Partridge Family alum, 66, states he to be diagnosed through the disease more than two years ago, however it was foreshadowed years earlier when his mother, actress Evelyn Ward, passed away of Alzheimer"s-related dementia in 2012 at age 89.

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Cassidy reveals the his greatest fear is to it is in "in a location mother was the last two years of her life, where I would completely disappear."

"I"d simply be a burden to caretakers and also couldn"t walk, couldn"t talk, couldn"t sing, couldn"t play," Cassidy says. "That"s type of my greatest fear."

In one more clip, Cassidy recalls the first symptoms that alarmed him.

"When friends of her or family members members start to say come you, "Remember? I simply told girlfriend this two days ago," and also there"s no storage of it," Cassidy says. "That"s when I started to be an extremely concerned."

Cassidy"s diagnosis revelation come after numerous tumultuous years, consisting of a divorce indigenous his third wife, Sue Shifrin, filing for bankruptcy and a variety of high-profile arrests because that driving under the influence.

The former child star saw rehab in 2014, however fans started to fear for the actor and also musician previously this month as soon as a video clip surfaced in which the was viewed stumbling onstage throughout a performance outside of Los Angeles. The occasion led some to wonder if he had fallen off the wagon. Cassidy denies this rumors.

"He flatly denies the there was any type of alcohol connected in the whatsoever," Dr. Phil speak ET"s Cameron Mathison.

But Dr. Phil is somewhat skeptical around Cassidy"s claims of sobriety that night.

"A lot of professionals that I have talked come felt like that habits was an ext consistent v intoxication," Dr. Phil says.

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Dr. Phil adds that alcohol would amplify the symptom of dementia.

"If you present toxins of any sort come the mind when it is diseased, that"s a bad combination," that warns.

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Dr. Phil airs weekdays. Examine your regional listings.

David Cassidy Admits He's Battling Dementia, says He 'Always Knew' the Diagnosis was Coming

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