If you’re a pan of The X-Files, you recognize this main truth: once Agents Scully and also Mulder talk, sparks fly. Between dry jokes indigenous David Duchovny (AKA the “FBI’s most unwanted,” Mulder), and friendly jabs from Gillian Anderson (AKA medical-doctor-turned-alien-hunter, Scully), the pair has enough perfectly-comedically-timed banter to to fill 11 seasons. Many fans the The X-Files “ship” Scully and also Mulder; in various other words, they wish the 2 main personalities would date. But additionally prevalent among the pan base is a wish for the two actors behind the characters, Duchovny and also Anderson, to fall madly in love. Go Duchovny and also Anderon ever before date?

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Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny through their golden Globes in 1997| Ron Davis/Getty Images

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“The crucible of doing that show made monsters the end of both the us,” Duchovny revealed. However, the 2 actors coming earlier together top top the I want to Believe movie readjusted things for the better.

‘The X-Files’ lead cast member became an excellent friends when they shooting the movie

“Once we got to step back, it was like, ‘Oh, wow, we really like each other. I didn’t know that to be going come happen,"” Duchovny said.

Anderson toed a similar line to Variety:

Our relationship has actually definitely come to be a suitable friendship over the last couple of years. Ns think we’re an ext on each other’s side. We’re more aware that the rather needs, wants, concerns, and also mindful to take those right into consideration— and also just sharing an ext about our experiences in the moment, under the sudden realization that we’re both in this together, and also wouldn’t it it is in nice if it to be a collaboration?

“The method we work together has actually changed,” Duchovny added. “Whatever rapport we have as actors, we earned. The nice to be able to play the without ever also feeling choose you’re play it.”