David E. Kelley and also Michelle Pfeiffer score a rapid sale in Pacific Palisades.

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It’s been much less than two years since Michelle Pfeiffer and also David E. Kelley paid $23.23 million for a palatial Pacific Palisades home, but the longtime couple has currently decided to component ways v the estate. The Academy Award-nominated actress and also her Emmy Award-winning producer husband detailed the Mediterranean-style mansion for sale just last month, and now they’ve sold the residence for their specific asking price the $25 million.The seven-bedroom, 10.5-bathroom residence to be brand-new once Pfeiffer and Kelley to buy it, every the Los Angeles Times, and also it doesn’t look favor the pair completed any type of work or renovations during their rather brief ownership.
Subscribe to elafilador.net’s way of living NewsletterA vaulted entry leads right into the 10,329-square-foot California home. The airy an excellent room functions wood-beamed ceilings and also a wall surface of windows, and also a rock accent wall and a fireplace.The kitchen is equipped through marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, hardwood cabinetry, breakfast bar seating and also two islands, and is open to a cozy family members room. There’s also a formal dining room, as well as a examine with a carved stone fireplace and also built-in bookshelves.
The owner’s suite is positioned on the second floor, and also is outfitted through French doors and also a fireplace, plus 2 bathrooms, every the listing organized by Compass broker Cindy Ambuehl.

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The basement is totally finished, through a large temperature-controlled wine cellar, a screening room, and two guest suites.Pfeiffer and also Kelley have owned quite at the very least three residences Pacific Palisades over the years, and also they’re tho trying come offload a four-bedroom building they purchased for $7.7 million back in 2018. Alas, it seems they haven’t had the ideal luck with that specific residence, together it’s currently listed for $7.3 million, i m sorry would typical a far-reaching $400,000 loss because that the couple.