How i Met her Mother is a TV show that ran for nine seasons—from 2005 come 2014. The series ended v a plot twist the attracted combined reactions indigenous fans.

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One of the most interesting parts that the ending was the the actors who played Ted Mosby’s two kids did not seem to period at all throughout the show’s run. However, their scenes in the finale suggested that lock were mindful of the finishing of HIMYM. So when did the actors film their ending scenes?


The cast of ‘How ns Met your Mother’ | Gary Friedman/Los Angeles time via Getty Images

Who play Ted’s children on ‘How i Met your Mother’?

Ted’s kids are Penny and also Luke Mosby. Castle were portrayed by Lyndsy Fonseca and also David Henrie, respectively.

According come the show, Penny and Luke are teens in the year 2030—when Ted starts telling lock the story of just how he met your mother. Back Fonseca and also Henrie aged in real life indigenous 2005 come 2014, their characters remained the very same year after ~ year.

When walk Ted’s kids film their ending scenes?

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Fonseca and also Henrie filmed all your scenes during the first few seasons that the show, and this stock footage was supplied throughout the food of the show. The finale to be no different—Fonseca and also Henrie filmed their parts in the finishing secretly.

“We were sitting on set then out of nowhere everyone leaves,” Henrie shared in 2014, according to united state Weekly. “They bring in these contracts, Lyndsy and I sign them. Then the show runners walk ‘We’re going to tell you exactly how the display ends.’”

Fonseca and also Henrie controlled to keep the controversial ending a mystery for virtually 10 years. Henrie admitted that some world had do the efforts to gain some details out that him, but he still maintained quiet.

“I’m 24 now, but when i turned 21 I began going out with my buddies. Anyone was always asking me ‘Dude, who the mom? who the mom?’” he said. “People would try and bribe me with all kinds of alcohol, but I kept silent. Ns didn’t call anyone. I didn’t even tell mine mother.”

The other cast members also knew what the finishing would be

1 year ago tonight, #HIMYM aired its last episode. Capture up w/ what the actors has to be up to:

OfficialHIMYM) April 1, 2015

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Fonseca and also Henrie were not the only actors members who knew around the fate the The Mother. Alyson Hannigan, that played Lily Aldrin, also said she knew The mother would die.

“I knew the was the case,” Hannigan explained to Huffpost. “I didn’t recognize who the mother was going to be, however I did understand that the factor he was informing all these story is due to the fact that she passed away, i m sorry was really sweet.”

While pan now understand The mommy is Tracy McConnell, that is play by Cristin Milioti, over there was likewise another option for The mother to be someone had the present ended earlier.

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The show’s co-creators Craig Thomas and also Carter Bays common in a Reddit AMA that Ted’s an initial girlfriend in season 1, Victoria, would have actually been The mom if HIMYM did not make it previous season 1.