David Hockney – Portrait of one Artist (Pool with Two Figures), 1972, acrylic ~ above canvas, 213.5 x 305 centimeter (84 x 120 in)

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1 David Hockney & pools1.1 David Hockney’s Roosevelt Hotel pool mural1.2 Hockney’s obsession v pools1.3 The happy & dark side of LA illustrated in the paintings1.4 definition of the swimming pool paintings2 important works by Hockney3 The Pool through two figures painting3.1 Introduction3.2 The history of the work3.3 just how Hockney came up with the motif3.4 Composition3.5 evaluation of Pool with two figures3.6 Price3.7 Conclusion
David Hockney & poolsDavid Hockney’s Roosevelt Hotel pool mural

David Hockney is one of Britain’s most influential artists that the 20th century. Hockney is renowned in various other parts the the world as well, many thanks to his worldwide recognized works. For instance, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, which has actually long been the conference spot for the stars and celebrities, has a mural created by the imaginative genius that aided make the hotel famous in the 1990s. In 1988, Hockney was commissioned to finish a multi-million dollar mural painted ~ above the bottom of the hotel’s Tropicana Pool. The painting has long been hailed as one of the city’s biggest artistic and architectural wonders.Hockney’s obsession through poolsHockney’s obsession through swimming pools started really early top top in his career. On among his initial trips to California, Hockney observed the there were many numbers that pools together he flew over LA. Hockney climate realized just how rare pools were in England fan to the harsh climate, and without understanding it, he had unearthed a an excellent subject that would certainly be featured in many of his paints in the 1960s and also 1970s.The happy & dark side of LA illustrated in the paintingsHis paintings of LA seemed to cover a true depiction of LA to the remainder of the human being as they illustrated a life of excess, leisure, sexual openness and many other aspects that to be unfamiliar or unheard that in England. The dark side of social optimism was additionally highlighted in many of his works due to the fact that the life the relaxation can end at any moment due to the war in Vietnam.Meaning the the swimming pool paintingsHockney’s pools series and his photos of LA depict utopian bliss in which anyone looked beautiful, and also no one ever needed a significant job. Most of his initial compositions in the Pools series were based upon private pool setups that included images and views the naked guys showering.

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For example, his 1963 painting well-known as Domestic Scene, Los Angeles showed two men showering. Although Hockney started paint swimming pools, that soon became fascinated by the complex challenge of paint water and also how the sunlight hit the water to develop interesting aspects such as ripples, flickers, and also wobbles in the water.