A video described as "DAVID HOGG THE ACTOR…." has actually made the top of the trending section, another example that YouTube has a conspiracy theory problem.

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Update: YouTube has actually removed the video about three hrs after this article was an initial published. It had more than 200,000 see at the time. Other videos indigenous the exact same YouTube user dispersing the very same conspiracy theory space still live ~ above YouTube.

A YouTube spokesperson sent us the adhering to statement:

"This video should never ever have appeared in Trending. Because the video contained footage from an classic news source, our system misclassified it. As soon as us became aware of the video, we removed it native Trending and from YouTube for violating our policies. We room working to boost our systems moving forward."


The original story complies with below:

It's a vile conspiracy theory we could expect indigenous the host of Inforwars Alex Jones, but right currently it is the number one trending video on YouTube.

The conspiracy concept is that few of the college student who are speaking out versus the lax gun manage laws that enabled the mass shoot that eliminated 17 of your peers in ~ a Parkland, Florida high college last week are not that they speak they are. They room "crisis actors," payment performers funded by acquainted boogeymen like George Soros to vilify gun ownership and also dismantle the second Amendment.

This is not true, yet it's what the most popular video clip on YouTube, which at the moment of writing has 174,000 views, suggests. In the video, David Hogg, one of the an ext outspoken Marjory Stoneman Douglas High institution students who has made several television appearances because the shooting, is seen in a CBS 2 Los Angeles news report. The report details the occasions of a video Hogg took and that went viral in 2017. That shows one of Hogg's friends, another teenager, confronting one overzealous lifeguard. Here's the video clip on CBS's YouTube page, and Hogg's initial upload.

The only summary on the video clip is "DAVID HOGG THE ACTOR…." and many of the comments go on to suspicion Hogg of gift an gibbs "bought and paid by CNN and also George Soros." Mike m, the YouTube user who uploaded this trending video also uploaded a video clip titled "David Hogg Can't psychic His Lines once Interviewed because that Florida school shooting." The description to that video reads: "Ask yourself why is the practicing his lines…??? ???" This user additionally uploaded videos the cover acquainted conspiracy theories like chemtrails and also UFOs.


As Hogg defined to CNN, his household moved indigenous California come Florida numerous years back and he joined Marjory Stoneman Douglas High institution for its TV manufacturing program. He took the video clip of the lifeguard when visiting friend in Los Angeles.

It’s a simultaneously that some random human in a neighborhood news report will certainly go viral on YouTube and also then make nationwide news because that vastly various reasons, however it happens. I'm tho trying to wrap my mind around the fact that George Lindell, the topic of the autotuned viral video clip "Reality access time You tough Bro" likewise went famous in 2016 for yelling "Jew-S-A" in ~ a push pen in ~ a trump rally, however it's true. Life is weird and full of coincidences. Points that seem really unlikely, like, say, landing ~ above the moon, actually happen. It's true.

It's no surprising but still shameful that this trending video is one of many on YouTube. If you clock it, YouTube is likely to market you videos that case to display Hogg "forgetting his lines" while speaking to CNN, "SICK secrets about the shooting," and also other lies right-wing media provides to muddy the waters around the concern of pistol control.

It's just been a month due to the fact that YouTube to be in warm water end its trending videos, which previously highlighted a Logan Paul video that featured a man who take it his own life in the thumbnail. As Wired listed at the time, that should have actually been a moment of reckoning because that YouTube, but the trending Hogg video shows the it learned nothing.

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Update: as soon as this article was first published the YouTube video clip suggesting David Hogg is a dilemm actor was the number 2 trending video on YouTube. The is now the number one trending video clip on YouTube.