A write-up circulating on social media - 48,000 shares and also counting so far - depicts still pictures of two news reports, one in California in respectable 2017 and also one in Florida in February 2018 after ~ the Parkland college shooting.

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The write-up alleges that both images depict the same man, David Hogg:


The allegation is the he is a "crisis actor", payment to ~ do so to be a witness/survivor of occasions that the was not actually present at, or that did not take place at all. I recognize there were comparable allegations around the Sandy Hook shooting a pair of years back.

I don"t think we can answer whether he"s a crisis actor or not and I don"t know what the event he "witnessed" in respectable 2017 is. Is the the same male in both of this images?

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Both photos are legitimate and depict the same human being (David Hogg), however the picture on top from respectable 2017 is native a story about Hogg and his friend getting in an discussion with a beach lifeguard.

The snapshot on the bottom mirrors Hogg in a CNN interview pertaining to his experience in the Florida shooting.

While Hogg was connected in both events, most would not take into consideration the occurrence in California a "crisis."

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According to MSD senior David Hogg goes famous on youtube (01 December 2017):

In Redondo Beach, Calif., Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School an elderly David Hogg and also his girlfriend Thomas made decision to invest their summer afternoon at Topaz Jetty, a neighborhood beach buzzing through visitors. Your excursion took an unanticipated turn, eventually going viral, as soon as Thomas, that was a constant visitor come the beach, collection his boogie plank on a trash deserve to to prevent it from gaining sandy.


"I meant the outcome of my video clip to essentially be some reaction since I knew the lifeguard to be being a little bit of a jerk, however I never expected it to go the viral,” Hogg said. “By the moment the news contacted me i was already kind that expecting it because the video had over 600,000 views.”.

It is no surprised that Hogg’s very first instinct to be to pull the end his camera when challenged with a potential threat. Through his reporting suffer at WMSD-TV, the TV manufacturing program in ~ MSD, Hogg has actually proficient camera and also editing an abilities — and also they have clearly paid turn off as shown by the number of views top top his video.

“I’m always living in the moment and also trying to gain the finest shot that i can, and also expose and also record essential things happening” claimed Hogg.

So correct it is the very same David Hogg from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

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Hogg also discusses both events on his twitter: https://twitter.com/davidhogg111 (see august 2017 because that the beach incident).