Talk show pioneer David Letterman, in a wide-ranging 90-minute conversation onstage at the new Yorker Festival tonight,said his old guest and sparring companion Donald trump is not just a racist, yet a “badly damaged person being.”

“God bless Trumpy,” Letterman jokedwhen inquiry by new Yorker write-ups editor Susan Morrison if that missed having actually an outlet for his object barbs. “While it might be funny here and there to drop something in, ns don’t know ifI’d have actually the stamina for a complete plate of Trumpy night in and night out.”

Letterman (pictured over at an appearance critical May) climate went on come recount the story of exactly how he involved call trump – a regular guest on both NBC’s Late Night and also CBS’s so late Show – a racism on air, and how trump responded off camera.

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“Donald trumped (pictured in ~ left following a Late Show appearance) was a fixture on our show,” Letterman said. “He was a lovely guest – civilization got excited, Ithink it to be the allure or the attitude of gift a millionaire, and also the hair. I supplied to make fun of his hair. I used to describe him as a slumlord. We acquired to love having Trumpy on due to the fact that he might really take a punch. I was asking him about being married to Marla Maples and also he said, ‘If you’re interested I’ll provide you her phone number.’

“Then he began messing roughly with the birthers, and how go a male like (Barack Obama)get right into Columbia, just how did a man like him acquire into Harvard, and Istarted thinking..break down the innuendo about that. We began talking about it one night top top the show, there is no Trumpy, and also Isaid, Well, maybe if he’s a racist we shouldn’t invite the on the show.

“So climate I had actually to speak to Don since he said he wasn’t coming ago on the show, and I claimed Don Idon’t think you’re a racist due to the fact that you’re too smart. I don’t think smart civilization are racists, and also he said, well of food I’m smart and also I’m not a racist, and Isaid over there you go, you’ve proven my point, come ago and be on the show. And he came earlier and did the display two or 3 times ~ that and also I believed the transaction was done. I’dcalled that out and also said he’s too smart to be a racist. Well, i was wrong.”

Letterman, who identified beingflattered by the Hillary Clinton campaign advertisement featuring one old Late Show little bit in which that confronts trumped with various Trump neckties and products do in China, stated he initially and mistakenly thought that Trump’s bid for the Presidency would certainly be finished v the candidate’s talk of “evil human being coming from Mexico.”

But, the retired organize continued, the worst was ahead. “The point thatIfound unconscionable, actually unconscionable, is the he physical mocked a guy who is a reporterfor The brand-new York Times and also has, Ibelieve, a physical birth defect. And Ijust thought, forget he’s Donald Trump, forget he’s to run for president, forget who he is, forget what he is. If friend can, in a nationwide forum, with good confidence stand there and make fun of someone suffering a impairment over which they have had actually no manage all their entire life, then you are a badly damaged human being.”

Letterman appeared confident that his old wade punchline won’t make it come the White House. “Isaid once this began, this problem will resolve itself. I firmly believe that. Perhaps there room Trump pendant in the house…please don’t take any offense at this, yet there’s no a opportunity in hell that this male will be elected president.

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“And if he is I’ll acquire you all a lover gift from Tiffanys.”

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