David Letterman threw some shade at Jimmy Fallon during an illustration on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

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Early ~ above in the interview, Letterman brought up the various other late night hosts who are right now on the air, and also he threw in a jab in ~ the existing host of The tonight Show.

“By the way, because that the objective of this conversation, I have nothing yet the highest regard for all of the talk display men and also women, also Jimmy Fallon,” Letterman said. “I’ll include him.”

This came as Letterman was talking around the reality that every one of the so late night hosts to be saying pretty things around him once he retired and also that he sent out them gifts. Indeed, Jimmy Fallon heaped prayer upon David Letterman as soon as his tenure at The so late Show ended.

“That type of stuff had never to be done top top TV before,” Fallon said at the time. “…I think that this show, and also what late night has actually become, is a result of him playing v the genre, and also experimenting and also exploring. And I, choose every kid that grew up watching him, will miss out on him.”

Letterman has previously talked about Jimmy Fallon and suggested that he should have handled his interview with Donald trump card differently. While speaking v Vulture earlier this year, Letterman argued that Fallon should have had tougher questions for Trump and said that he would have actually handled the interview differently.

“I don’t want to slam Jimmy Fallon, however I deserve to only tell friend what ns would have actually done in that situation: ns would have actually gone to job-related on Trump,” Letterman said.


David Letterman at The brand-new Yorker Festival 2016. | Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Although Letterman has actually never yes, really had any kind of sort of public beef through Jimmy Fallon the method that Conan O’Brien had actually with Jay Leno, Letterman has actually said that part of the factor he retirement from The late Show was that he was having trouble completing with Jimmy Fallon and his capability to create viral videos.

“I hear around things going viral and also I think, ‘How perform you carry out that?"” Letterman told Rolling stone in 2015. “I think I’m the blockage in the plumbing.”

Of course, the successor to David Letterman was not Jimmy Fallon however Stephen Colbert, who had actually a rocky start however who assisted take the show to #1 in the ratings partially because of his emphasis on politics and also on criticizing Donald Trump. Colbert’s Late Show has likewise emphasized famous clips more than Letterman’s did, with nearly every single segment the the Late Show being uploaded to YouTube and also with countless receiving numerous hits.

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David Letterman is collection to return v a brand-new Netflix display in 2018. Letterman did not expose anything around this show on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but it has previously been reported that the display will covers six, hour-long episodes and it will certainly be a mix of interviews with guests and in-the-field pieces.