Kelly Ripa newly turned 50-years-old. But inside, she feels favor she’s still much younger. She told she fans that she feels choose she “stopped aging emotionally,” anyway. So, she seemed happy enough when she struggle the huge 50. A few days ago, the LIVE with Kelly and also Ryan star celebrated someone else’s birthday. David Muir from abc News rotate 47.

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Kelly Ripa shares funny photos top top David Muir’s 47th birthday

The organize of LIVE with Kelly and also Ryan goes ago a long time v David Muir. The course, they space not only occupational colleagues, however they ended up being fast friends over the years. And, when Kelly turned 50, David popped right into the studio and gave she a cake together a surprise. Ryan Seacrest announced that Kelly required a birthday cake. And, approximately the corner, came David through the huge tasty treat.

Clearly, Kelly Ripa appeared thrilled. Fans might see the she want to hug him and also thank him. But, she compelled herself earlier and distanced indigenous David. Then, David teased how they invested “millions” of birthdays with each other in the past. So, that teased Ryan, saying, “I know exactly how you feel.” but then, along come David’s birthday, and Kelly shared some photos of lock enjoying every other’s company.

ABC’s David Muir and Kelly took pleasure in fun-times

Amo Mama reported that “ celebrated…her friend and colleague’s birthday v a touching and fun write-up that papers the time they…spent together.” She took to Instagram and shared a variety of photos from the past.

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Her inscription read, “Happy birthday to
davidmuirabc one indisputable American gem! You room so loved. ♥️