Excerpt from Skywalking with Neverland episode 311: ‘Dave Prowse is Darth Vader!’

Before the was recognized as the angry Dark mr of the Sith, Darth Vader, and the dad of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, Dave Prowse was well-known to many youngsters in the UK as the eco-friendly Cross code Man—promoting roadway safety come young and also old alike. This is a look at the male behind the eco-friendly cross and also a primer right into this Superhero of Safety.

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The green Cross password was created to advanced awareness of pedestrian road safety in the united Kingdom funded by the brothers Government’s central Office of information for the department of the Environment. The initial campaign ran from 1971-1990 together a series of public Information movies (PIFs) through Dave Prowse illustrating the superhero wherein he eventually earned one MBE (Most great Order the the brother Empire) indigenous the Queen in the year 2000.


Where does the eco-friendly Cross Come From?

Generally, today, a eco-friendly cross has a secular meaning, and the most typical use is health care. In particular, the environment-friendly cross represents very first Aid. The eco-friendly Code itself is a set of these complying with rules come follow before crossing the road:

THINK! (First, find the safest place to cross)STOP! (Stand ~ above the pavement close to the curb)USE your EYES and EARS! (Look about for traffic and also listen)Wait until it is for sure to cross! (If web traffic is coming, let that pass)Look and listen! (When it is safe, overcome the road. To walk only; don’t run)Arrive alive! (Keep looking and listening)

Who to be The green Cross code Man?

David Charles Prowse was born in Bristol in 1935 come Gladys and Charles Prowse and brought up by his mother on a housing estate in the city ~ his dad died. He winner a scholarship come Bristol Grammar School and also was compelled to wear a leg brace for 2 years together a teenager due to the fact that of chronic arthritis, which that would suffer from throughout his life.

Prowse, a previous bodybuilder play the an initial Green Cross password Man, a superhero-like character supplied in road safety heralding aimed at youngsters in 1975. Director Edgar wright (Baby Driver) claimed that Prowse stopped ‘a totality generation the kiddies from gift mowed under in the street’.

Having opened his very own Star Gym in 1969, the trained Christopher Reeve because that Superman’s duty in the 1978 film after being turned down for the part himself. “The director told me i was perfect,” said Prowse, “except, of course, that i was British and also not American, and that the american wouldn’t expropriate an Englishman as this an excellent American hero.”


After being checked out in 1970s tv commercials as the green Cross password Man, Prowse continued to visit schools and make public appearances as the character until 1990. After obtaining the role of Darth Vader in Star wars (1977), the was assumed that Prowse shouldn’t it is in the green Cross Code man anymore due to the fact that it would frighten children and also they wouldn’t hear to the guy who played an angry character in this blockbuster film. Quite the opposite was true.

What does the environment-friendly Cross Code man Do?

In the PIF’s the eco-friendly Cross Code male watches pedestrians from green Cross manage on a video monitor, ensuring they are adhering to the eco-friendly Cross Code. Once the person crossed the road, he would certainly then insanity the green Cross on his wristwatch, move himself under to the person, and either worship them for following the rules or speak to them around what they did wrong and also how they might do better next time. Finishing each mini-episode with, “Always use the eco-friendly Cross Code. Since I i will not ~ be there as soon as you cross the road.”


In 2014, the environment-friendly Cross man was revived, bringing the 80-year-old Prowse ago in two PIF’s developed for road Safety Week. The target audience to be young adults, alerting them to the threats of being distracted by smartphones while crossing the road.

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Check out the full discussion around Dave Prowse’s career, consisting of some more reactions indigenous his co-actors. Discover out exactly how prolific Dave’s career to be on episode #311 that ‘Skywalking v Neverland.’

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