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Order Confirmation ~ you complete the digital checkout process, you will certainly receive an e-mail containing her seven-digit order number and a review of every the items friend purchased. This notification will additionally list estimated processing and delivery times for each item. If girlfriend have any kind of questions, click contact Us in ~ the bottom of your order notice email and also send us a message. If you have not got an order notice email, an initial check your spam folder and also email settings, then call us by texting "Hello" come 38201. Texting allows you come go around your day and respond at your leisure. Order Tracking If You inserted an Order at a David"s Bridal Store as soon as you place an bespeak at among our stores, you will certainly be provided an estimated delivery date. If girlfriend would prefer to check your order"s status, call us at 1-844-400-3222 or message "Hello" to 38201. If You have actually an online Account log in by clicking Login at the optimal right of our website. Click my Orders or Order background for a list of current and past orders, climate click the order number for order status and also tracking information. If You checked out as a Guest Visit our Order standing page, get in your stimulate number and also the email resolve used to location the order, climate click watch Order for order status and also tracking information. If her order does not appear, please call Customer organization at 1-844-400-3222 or message "Hello" to 38201. Tracking might not be obtainable for 24–48 hrs after you receive each shipment notice email. If 48 hours have actually passed and you room still can not to track her order, click contact Us in ~ the bottom of her shipment an alert email and also send united state a message. If you have not obtained the shipment an alert email, call us in ~ 1-844-400-3222 or text "Hello" to 38201. because that details around Shipping & Handling, watch our Shipping Guide.

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