For years, David Tom played the duty of Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless. He join the ranking of fan-favorite replacement, Billy Miller. The function is currently played through Jason Thompson. Why to be Tom let walk from daytime’s No. 1 drama? together it turns out, it had a lot to execute with his appearance.

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David Tom originated the duty of adult Billy Abbott


Sheryl Underwood, David Tom, Sara Gilbert, heather Tom, Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler and also Julie Chen | Lisette M. Azar/CBS via Getty Images

In 1999, David Tom stepped right into the first adult role of Billy Abbott top top The Young and also the Restless. Until then, the function had been filled by boy actors. In 2000, Tom winner a Daytime Emmy compensation for superior Younger gibbs in a Drama Series. Tom’s ar as Billy would begin a chaotic trip for the character

Around 2002, Tom departed to take it on All mine Children and One Life come Live. Throughout that time, Ryan Brown and Scott Seymour provided their best Billy Abbott takes, but neither lasted. Indigenous 2006-2008, the function remained empty.

In 2008, Billy Miller took over, landing him two Daytime Emmy Awards in 2010 and also 2013, respectively.

However, once Miller’s contract ended, he made decision not to renew it and also instead, relocated to General Hospital in 2014. That said, Tom to be invited back to the Y&R set in at an early stage 2014 to fill the void.

“It was such a good experience to have actually been a part of the ‘Y&R’ family again,” Tom told CBS Soaps in Depth at the time. “It to be wonderful to check out so countless old friends and also people I recognize that I offered to work with and also enjoy so lot like Jess Walton (who dram Jill Abbott Fenmore) and Peter Bergman (who theatre Jack Abbott). I acquired to execute some scene with Eric Braeden (who theatre Victor Newman), finally.”

The stint didn’t last long. Military Wives alum, burgess Jenkins — well-known for One Tree Hill, Drop Dead Diva, and Nashville — stepped into the role later in 2014.

“So excited to be joining the Y&R family! thanks so much for the outpouring that a heat welcome from all the fans!” Jenkins tweeted.

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By 2016, citizen was out and the latest version of Billy, Jason Thompson, is in. It’s usual for multiple actors to beat one function in daytime drama, however the personality of Billy Abbott appears to it is in a tough one come cast.