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Fox, long prior to Disney purchased the studio, hit one of the many unlikely homeruns in the modern-day era of blockbuster filmmaking v 2011"s "Rise of the world of the Apes." command by Rubert Wyatt, the reboot served as a contemporary reinvention the the "Planet that the Apes" franchise, opting to go the prequel route to tell the story in a much more linear fashion. Castle weren"t going to repeat the failure of Tim Burton"s ill-fated remake.

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The movie"s success motivated two sequels, 2014"s "Dawn of the world of the Apes" and also 2017"s "War because that the planet of the Apes." 4 years removed, we space left through a burning question: is over there going to be one more sequel in the franchise? The answer, it turns out, is complicated. However one thing is for sure, we space getting an ext "Planet of the Apes," one method or another.

Disney is Making another Planet the the Apes Movie because that Sure

20th Century Studios
Disney purchased most of Fox"s media assets in a landmark deal valued at much more than $71 billion. The deal went into effect ago in 2019 and also gave Disney a substantial library to make use of largely because that the purposes of streaming. The library assisted to beef increase Disney+ and also Hulu, yet it also gave the studio a great many franchises to exploit, "Planet the the Apes" among them.

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Before long, the was evidenced that a new "Planet of the Apes" movie was happening. Wes round ("The Maze Runner") to be tapped to direct the recent entry in the long-running sci-fi franchise, through Josh Friedman penning the screenplay. Come this day, much remains mysterious. However, in one interview with stating Film, ball did suggest that they aren"t walk to completely reboot the series:

"We have actually a take. We have actually a means of continuing to be in the cosmos that to be created before us, but we"re likewise opening ourselves up in gift able to carry out some really cool brand-new stuff. Again, I"m trying to be careful here. I"ll speak this, for fans of the original three don"t issue — you"re in an excellent hands."

This is miscellaneous Ball likewise reiterated top top Twitter quickly after the news very first came come light.

It’s never been easier for movie journalists to actually call the actual civilization who in reality know... However maybe it’s the point to not fact-check these days?

Regardless. Don’t worry. Ns won’t ruin the surprises, yet it’s for sure to speak Caesar’s legacy will continue...