​I am extremely excited to announce a major new upgrade for torment Inc. In partnership with 20thCentury Fox. Gain ready to epidemic the people with the Simian Flu indigenous upcoming summer blockbuster movieDawn that the earth of the Apes! The narratives of torment Inc. And Dawn that the earth of the Apes fit together perfectly and also resultin an extremely powerful new plague type for new and existing afflict Inc. Players to enjoy!


This is a significant expansion packupdate for afflict Inc. The Simian Flu is a gene modified virus created in a Gen-Sys lab. It has been discovered to rise intelligence in apes, however mutates rapidly and is untested ~ above humans...

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Experience planet of the Apeson a worldwide scale- See just how humanity responds as you epidemic the people with a lethal, fabricated virus. Have the right to they manage a worldwide pandemic while handling a growing country of genetically evolved, intelligent apes?Control communities of clever apes– and also infecting humans, evolve your an illness in parallel to permit ape-to-ape transmission and also improve your cognitive abilities. Ape nests will generate DNA whilst help apes stop detection native humans.For one varieties to rise, an additional must fall?– Master brand-new gameplay mechanics and strategies to help apes end up being the dominant varieties on the planet. Decide when your apes have to rampage versus research labs, move apes to avoid detection from armed forces drones and use ape migration to protect against scientists indigenous conducting wild ape experiments.

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The upgrade is comes to plague Inc. On iOS and Android and Plague Inc: developed on computer & Mac. The will likewise be consisted of in the future Xbox One execution of afflict Inc: Evolved. It will certainly be originally be accessible in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (simplified/traditional), German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

It will be available very soon :)


P.S: A fun reality – as soon as I to be making afflict Inc. (as a hobby) 3 years earlier – ns was the town hall the ahead film climb of the planet of the Apes and the finish credits scene offered me a lot of of incentive for pester Inc. (it functions a an illness slowly infecting the world) stunner to think that pester Inc. Is now large enough to work directly with the film’s sequel!

(Keep an eye out for a plague Inc. Mention at the end...)

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