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Dawson"s Creek is the latest big show native the 1990s to head to Netflix, 22 years since the teen drama very first aired top top The WB. Due to the fact that the show ended in 2003, some of its cast have unable to do on come bigger things and also been nominated because that Oscars, when others ended up being tabloid fodder and others continued appearing on part big-name TV shows.

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While viewers relive the stories of Dawson Leery (played through James van Der Beek), Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) and Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson), here"s what the actors that played them are up to

Where space the Dawson"s Creek actors now?

James valve Der Beek - Dawson Leery


James van Der Beek in January 2020.GettyVan Der Beek is currently 43, and also is married with 5 children. Native 2003, the year that Dawson"s Creek concerned an end, until 2010, he to be married to another "90s TV icon, Party the Five"s pagan McComb. In 2010, the married business consultant Kimberly Brook, v whom that had youngsters Olivia, Joshua, Annabel, Emilia, and Gwendolyn.

Since he stopped playing Dawson, valve Der Beek"s biggest roles contained One Tree Hill, Don"t trust the B**** in Apartment 23 (where he play a version of himself), CSI: Cyber and also Pose. He additionally placed fifth in a current season the Dancing v the Stars. This year, he stars in the Hulu fear Bad Hair, and also appeared in Quibi"s all-star actors retelling that The Princess Bride. He also voices a character in the Disney animated series Vampirina.

Katie Holmes - Joey Potter


Katie Holmes in October 2020.GettyNow 41, Holmes is tho probably ideal known for her marriage to actor Tom Cruise, i m sorry lasted indigenous 2006 come 2012. The pair had daughter Suri together, who is currently 14. The pair were substantial tabloid stars in ~ the time, with obelisk inches filled through speculation about Katie"s conversion to scientology and also rumors around their marriage.

In a court deposition in 2013, we learned the Holmes left Cruise to defend her daughter from the church. Since then, she has actually put the time behind her. The actor dated singer and actor Jamie Foxx for six years. She is at this time believed come be date chef Emilio Vitolo Jr.

In in between finishing Dawson"s Creek and also marrying Cruise, the actor showed up in films like Batman Begins, give thanks to You for Smoking and also First Daughter. Much more recently, she has showed up in Roy Donovan, The Kennedys and also 2020 movies Brahms: The boy II and also The Secret: dare to Dream.

Michelle Williams - Jen Lindley


Michelle Williams in ~ the screen Actors Guild Awards in January 2020.GettyUndoubtedly the most successful actor from the cast post-Dawson"s, Michelle Williams, 40, has actually been nominated for four Oscars: for 2006"s Brokeback Mountain, 2011"s Blue Valentine, 2012"s My Week through Marilyn and 2017"s Manchester by the Sea. She has additionally won two golden Globes (for Manchester and also Fosse/Verdon) and an Emmy (for Fosse/Verdon).

In her personal life, she dated actor heather Ledger indigenous 2004 to 2007, the year before his death. They had actually a son together called Matilda, who is now 15. She later married musician Phil Elverum indigenous 2018 to 2019 and then theatre director cutting board Kail, through whom she had actually a infant girl earlier this year.

Joshua Jackson - Pacey Witter


Joshua Jackson in October 2019GettyThe Canadian actor, 42, has actually recently end up being an in-demand gibbs in call TV projects, showing up in Hulu"s Little Fires Everywhere, Showtime"s The Affair and also Netflix"s When They view Us. Before that, he spent 5 years top top J.J. Abrams" series Fringe. The is also soon to play the lead duty in Dr. Death, Peacock"s upcoming true crime drama.

From 2006 come 2016, he was in a relationship with the German actor Diane Kruger. In 2019, he married British gibbs Jodie Turner-Smith, v whom he had baby Janie earlier in 2020.

Mary Beth Peil - Evelyn Ryan


Mary Beth Peil in October 2019.GettyAfter play Jen"s maternal grandmother transparent Dawson"s Creek, mary Beth Peil, 80, was ideal known because that playing an additional imperious grandm – Jackie, the mom of Peter Florrick (Chris Noth) in The an excellent Wife.

Since Dawson"s, she has likewise starred in The Stepford Wives, Collateral Beauty and also the recent CW display Katy Keene. Though she has actually been nominated for numerous awards in the theatre (including 2 Tonys), she received her first Daytime Emmy nomination in 2020.

Kerr smith - Jack McPhee

Kerr smith in "Riverdale" Season 4.The CWAs Jack, Kerr Smith broke ground as among the an initial gay personalities to it is in a collection regular on a primetime drama. After that ground-breaking role, Smith, 48, has starred in Charmed, Agents that S.H.I.E.L.D., The Fosters and, most recently, Riverdale, wherein he played the principle of the neighborhood school before meeting a grisly end.

In his an individual life, the married Canadian actor Harmoni Everett in 2003 and also divorced with her in 2009. Eight years later, the married existing wife Lisa, with whom he runs a well-being company.

Mary-Margaret Humes - Gail Leery

Mary-Margaret Humes in November 2018.GettyBefore play Dawson"s mother on the show, Mary-Margaret Humes had actually been a beauty beauty queen, that won miss out on Florida USA in the "70s and then placed third in miss USA.

The 66-year-old actor nowadays is a constant in Hallmark Channel TV movies. She has actually been married to boom operator Raul A. Bruce due to the fact that the "90s.

Audrey Liddell - liven Philipps

Busy Philipps in in march 2020.GettyA late addition to the show, liven Philipps soon ended up being a fan favorite. Now, the 41-year-old is together much recognized as a speak show and also podcast organize as she is together an actor. She post-Dawson"s work has ER, Cougar Town and her E! present Busy Tonight.

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She has also become one activist for abortion rights and women"s equality on to adjust after she claimed in her autobiography the she was struck by James Franco on collection on Freaks and also Geeks—and event for i m sorry she has due to the fact that claimed he has actually "really apologized" for.