Kristen Bell‘s Los Angeles home is a an excellent place come live! The lover Hollywood actress is the owner the a sprawling heritage in the Los Feliz community with she husband, Dax Shepard, and also their 2 daughters.

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The Veronica Mars star purchase the 4,050-square-foot building for $4.3 million in respectable 2017, the L.A. Times reported. The abode functions four bedrooms, 4-and-a-half bathrooms, miscellaneous living areas, a dining room and also a library.


Kristen and also Dax’s mansion, i m sorry was developed in 1922, likewise boasts a breakfast area, a detached garage through a converted office room in the attic wherein the hunk produce his “Armchair Expert” podcast, a den and a spacious backyard for kids Lincoln and Delta. Yet for Kristen, she favorite part of the residence is the kitchen.

“Our kitchen and the life room is one big room, which was necessary to us when we bought a house,” she gushed to Architectural Digest in 2019. “Our home was getting tight, yet the one point we around it is that it the kitchen and also living room together, and we didn’t want to lose that, because the bulk of time is spent there.”


The lavish three-story residence was designed by famous architect Arthur R. Kelly, but Kristen and Dax — that tied the knot in 2013 — made some updates before they moved into the house in so late 2019. The Good Place actress teamed increase with developers to provide the house a “very effortless clean, but not at every sterile” style.

“It’s a bit of a mishmash,” she described to the outlet. “It’s a greatly eclectic vibe whereby it’s around trying to be a small clean California … the is full and also warm and bright. As soon as we made decision to move, ns said, ‘I’m going to spoil myself and also get some advice ~ above what you do.’ so I had actually been working v it has been so much fun. It’s for this reason beautiful.”


At the time they to buy the home, the couple’s backyard featured one expansive garden, patio area and also a luxurious pool. However, Kristen revealed the the end area was their next project together she shared a video of the demolition while celebrating Dax’s date of birth in June.

“We expect transforming her backyard right into an RC gyeongju track made you together happy together you make us every single day,” she wrote next to photos and videos of the pair’s property. “We room forever your race fans, your pit crew and your cheering section.”

Scroll v the gallery below to check out photos within Kristen and Dax’s home!


So Private

The duo’s house ensures the many privacy together they have a gated entrance at the prior of your property.


Beautiful Design

Kristen and also Dax’s open-concept kitchen includes huge marble island and dark cabinets.

Breakfast Time

The breakfast area, wherein you have the right to often discover Kristen homeschooling her girls, has a comfortable bench the wraps about the table.

Classic Vibes

In the living room, the Forgetting sarah Marshall actress and the CHiPs actor decorated your area through a gray couch, artwork and also a dog bed for your beloved pup.

Cuddle Bugs

Kristen and also Dax’s bedroom is fitted v a king-sized bed the has sufficient room for them come cuddle with their dog.

Comfortable Living

As you deserve to tell, the poor Moms star loves relaxing through her hubby in their master living area.

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