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The 2 didn't specifically hit that off. Jason Merritt/APImages In 2019, Bell told "Today" that she in reality felt "no sparks whatsoever" once she met now-husband Shepard in 2007.

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The two very first spoke in ~ an intimate dinner party and also they"d both recently obtained out of long-term relationships

"The one point I remember is the he talked so much," she said, adding that she didn"t also know that he to be at the time.

She described that two weeks later they both met at a Detroit Red wings hockey game and started flirting.

"When i met her and her friends, i was suspiciously of their unbridled happiness," Shepard told good Housekeeping magazine in 2015. "I thought, "Something stinks here; they"re in a cult." however slowly I began to view her positive means of looking at the world. She gives world the benefit of the doubt."

2007: The pair began dating but were fighting often, follow to Bell.


The two functioned hard to do their connection stronger. Kevin Winter/Getty

In an interview through Harry Connick Jr.,Bell revealed that when they met, their relationship was rather "toxic."

"When we an initial met, we dropped madly in love and also I love the dramatic exit. There is nothing ns crave more," she said. "We"d gain in a fight due to the fact that we"d fight a lot, and also I"d yell something and then slam the bedroom door, climate I"d slam the former door, climate I"d gain in my car and also then I"d skid the end the driveway and also I would sit about the edge in mine car and also it feeling so great and i realized how exceptionally toxic the was just after that pointed that out."

She go on come say that "Three months into our partnership he to be like: "You can"t leaving anymore during fights. I"m no going to carry out that.""

Bell claimed this made she realize Shepard was right and also she has actually since changed her fighting methods.

~2007: The pair broke up before getting engaged.


Bell and Shepard take it a break prior to getting engaged. Araya Diaz/Getty images

In 2017, Bell said PopSugarthat she and Shepard actually broke up after date for around three months.

"He satellite me down and said, "I can"t have this best now. I think you"re wonderful, but I to be still dating various other people,"" she said. "And climate I, like, liquefied and also fell to the ground, yet I felt exceptionally respected that he had actually the balls to tell me we weren"t in the same place."

She ongoing to say that Shepard easily realized that made a mistake and also came ago a couple of days later.

2009: Shepard proposed come Bell.


The couple got engaged in Italy. Frazer Harrison/Getty photos

In 2009, Shepard and Bell starred in the romantic comedy "When in Rome." after ~ filming the movie on ar in Italy, the couple got engaged.

Shepard told world magazine that it to be his "Couples Retreat" costar Jason Bateman who pushed him towards proposing.

"Jason was first to go, "Stop f---ing around and marry Kristen," stated Shepard, adding that Bateman to be "dead right."

2012: Shepard significant his 12th year the sobriety with a article to his family.

Shepard has opened up around his sobriety on multiple occasions. Gustavo Caballero/Getty photos

In 2012, Shepard required to Twitter and also addressed his 12th year the sobriety. The message said, "12 years ago today I come out of my critical toxic, life-threatening stupor. Ns now have a wife & babies & some self-esteem #gratitude #promises."

The same year, Shepard said Playboy the hisaddiction was a resource of problem for him and Bell.

"All the points I"d excellent were terrifying to her, and she had a hard time believing I would certainly ever have the ability to stay married and monogamous and also a father and also all those things. For the an initial year and a fifty percent we were together that was what we dealt with over practically weekly," that said.

March 2013: Shepard and Bell had their very first child.

Kristen Bell to visit the golden Globe Awards when pregnant. Alexandra Wyman/Getty

In march 2013, Bell and also Shepard had actually their first daughter, Lincoln Bell Shepard.

June 2013: Bell re-proposed come Shepard.

castle married as soon as California's Prop 8 passed. Alberto E. Rodriguez/GettyImages

As proponents for equality, Shepard and Bell didn"t want to officially obtain married till same-sex marital relationship was legalized in California.

When California"s Prop 8 was overturned in June 2013, Bell post a short, sweet post to Shepard ~ above Twitter: "
daxshepard1 will certainly you get married me? Xo #marriageequality #loveislove."

October 2013: castle tied the knot.

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell married in 2013. wealthy Fury / Getty

In the fall of 2013, Shepard confirmed his marriage to Bellon ABC"s "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Shepard described that in lieu that lavish festivities they had held a small, personal wedding ceremony that included just him and his new wife.

"We saw the Beverly Hills Courthouse," said Shepard. "And all in, through fuel to acquire there, $142 the end the door."

2013: Shepard got a tattoo of Bell's name on his finger.

he wears the tattoo in location of jewelry. Kevin Winter/Getty pictures

On "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Shepard described that the traded a wedding ring because that a tattoo in Bell"s name with a small, inked bell on his ring finger.

"I don"t prefer wearing jewelry, but I felt obliged to warn every the males that I"m taken," Shepard joked come Degeneres.

December 2014: Bell and also Shepard welcomed their second child.

Their 2nd child is named Delta Bell Shepard. Frazer Harrison/GettyImages

In December 2014, Bell and Shepard had actually their 2nd child, Delta Bell Shepard.

In an interview v Babble, Bell offered advice on raising two children and handling temper tantrums as they come.

"She"s going come act the means a kid acts," said Bell. "I"m no going come let that reflect ~ above me or carry me down. That shouldn"t do me feel ashamed or awkward in any type of way. Only you can make you feeling a specific way."

2017: Bell starred together Shepard's mam in his film "CHIPS."

Bell starred in "CHIPS." Warner Bros.

When Shepard started directing "CHIPS," a film based on the 1970s cop drama, that turned under Bell because that the role of his awful ex-wife.

He described to USA this particular day that she was as well "damn likable" to play a character who tortured others.

"I"m happy he likes me," claimed Bell. "But i threw down a not-so-thinly-veiled threat: "I deserve to be very unlikable. Welcome to the next week of her life.""

Bell conveniently proved that she had what it take it to manage the duty and Shepard cast her.

"It was among my riskier moves, but she crushed it," stated Shepard. "She is just so unlikable here, i beg your pardon is crazy due to the fact that she really is so likable."

January 2018: Shepard guest-starred on Bell's show "The an excellent Place."

Bell and Shepard showed up on tv together. NBC

On the NBC comedy "The great Place," Bell stars together Eleanor Shellstrop, a mrs trying to be a far better person after ~ waking increase in the afterlife.

On season 2 of the show, Shepard make a cameo appearance as a demon the hit ~ above Bell"s personality Eleanor.

"Damn, you got that an excellent stank," Shepard flirted.

"Right back at you, bud," claimed Bell.

February 2018: Shepard interviewed Bell ~ above his podcast "Armchair Expert."

The couple opened up about their relationship throughout the podcast. kristenanniebell/Instagram

In the inaugural illustration of his podcast "Armchair Expert," Shepard invited Bell on as his first guest. End the food of one hour, castle talked around their upbringings, their ethical philosophies, and their relationship.

When pointing out how various they are as people, Bell defined that she flourished up together a strict ascendancy follower and also saw the people in black and also white before she met Shepard.

"You"re taught the there is great and evil and I simply don"t believe that anymore," stated Bell. "When over there is happiness, i don"t operation from it."

September 2018: Bell said that she smokes weed approximately Shepard, who has actually been open around his sobriety.

Bell called Marc Maron the she smokes weed. Christopher Polk/Getty photos

In an illustration of Marc Maron"s "WTF"podcast, the "Frozen" star revealed she likes to smoke weed every therefore often.

"I choose my vape pen rather a bit. I smoke around my husband and it doesn"t it seems ~ to bother him," Bell said. "Weed rules. Weed is my medicine of choice, because that sure."

During the interview, Bell stressed that although she husband is sober that doesn"t seem to mind the Bell drinks or smokes weed approximately him.

"He likes drugs and alcohol," Bell explained. "He"s just mindful that he shed his privilege through them because he can"t manage it. His mind does not have actually the chemistry to take care of it."

Despite Bell stating her husband doesn"t mind, civilization were rapid to have opinions on her choice.

September 2018: Kristen posted a heartfelt article to Instagram celebrating Shepard's sobriety.

Bell congratulated Shepard ~ above Instagram. kristenanniebell/Instagram

In September 2018, Bell post an Instagram congratulating Shepard ~ above 14 years of sobriety.

"To the guy mocked me when inour wedding photos since ns cried too countless tears of joy, that wore a baby Bjorn because that 2 straight years to present his girls exactly how to be together adventurous together possible, who held our dear small shakey male pup for 8 hrs right on the day we had actually to put him down, i know exactly how much you love using. Ns know exactly how much it got in your way. And I know, since I saw, how tough you operated to live without it," Bell wrote.

February 2019: The couple launched a line of plant-based baby commodities together.

The two have actually gone into business together. Michael Buckner/Getty

In February 2019, Shepard and Bell released Hello Bello, a collection of plant-based baby assets like diapers and also sunscreen.

October 2020: Bell spoke about her decision come "stand by" Shepard after ~ his current relapse.

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell have been married because 2013. Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Getty pictures

After 16 year of sobriety, Shepard stated that he ended up being addicted to Vicodin after medical professionals prescribed the painkiller come him complying with surgery for a motorcycle accident in August.

On an episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" a couple of months later in October, Bell stated he"s "doing yes, really great."

She stated she was grateful that Shepard opened up about his relapse.

"Like we have a plan, if he needs to take medication for any kind of reason I have actually to carry out it. Yet he was like, "So we need a stronger plan, i was faltering and also I have to do some kind of emotional work-related to number out why I wanted to usage again,"" she said.

"He to be like, "I don"t want to risk this family and also I did. So let"s put brand-new things in location to make sure it doesn"t happen again,"" she recalled."We"re going earlier to therapy and also I simply love that he"s addicted come growth. I will continue to stand by him since he"s very, an extremely worth it."

May 2021: Bell spoke about how she husband's relapse impacted their marriage.

Kristen Bell claimed she appreciates how difficult her husband is trying. Steve Granitz/WireImage

In a might interview with Self, Bell stated her husband immediately came to her as soon as he establish he had actually relapsed.

"We realized, "OK, our mathematics wasn"t working." i mean, he admitted it so quickly. It to be like, "I did something that ns don"t desire to do. I"m going down a bad road. I desire help. I desire your help." and I looked in ~ him and also I said, "OK, friend come up through the brand-new math,"" she explained.

She said he offered her "full privilege" to call him out on things or provide him medicine tests. She said he bought exam to have actually in the house, though she hasn"t used them yet.

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The actress claimed she appreciates how difficult he"s to be trying.

"He"s just good at trying, and that"s every you can ask that anyone. No one"s perfect," she added. "He"s proven come me that he is committed to evolving and he loves personal growth."

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