Discover exactly how to successfully engage in the job of Prayer for the peace of Jerusalem!

As girlfriend pledge to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, we desire to equip you v the most reliable prayer resources available. Jerusalem requirements our prayers an ext than ever, and also we space glad you room joining this global prayer movement. Ns look forward to sharing methods on praying because that Jerusalem!

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"I am so excited about this history-making chance on the very first Sunday of October…Believers from around the world – specifically 1,200 Christian leaders – room manning the fight stations together we go prior to God in prayer."

Bishop T.D. Jakes The Potter"s home

"As Christians and believers in the word of God, we have actually a responsibility to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. America and Israel have actually been friends and allies for plenty of years now and today us must proceed to stand in support of Israel. As the body of Christ we have to ask God to lug them not only peace in the natural, but likewise peace spiritually."

Joyce Meyer Joyce Meyer ministries

"Join me in taking part time come send specific prayers for Jerusalem, due to the fact that God hears the prayers the His people."

Michael W. Smith Award-Winning recording Artist / prayer Leader

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"I encourage our 40,000 hispanic evangelical churches throughout America and Puerto Rico to interact the first Sunday that October, coming together as the Church the Jesus Christ in prayer for the peace of Jerusalem. We require you more than ever to understand these room troubled times and also we require the church to rise up in righteousness and also justice."

minister Samuel Rodriguez president of national Hispanic Christian leadership Conference