Disturbing video clip shows one Ohio daycare teacher shove a 4-year-old girl top top the floor when a second teacher looks on and also then go away.

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Wilde Kingdom at an early stage Learning facility teacher James Ciolino was fired and slapped with an assault charge because that the June 21 incident, in which he knocks the girl to the ground together her legs space flung into the air and she bursts into a crying fit.

“Get the end of here,” Ciolino is heard saying together he goes earlier to clapping and leading the course in a great morning song.

The girl cries loudly on the ground for about 50 seconds before he lastly gets up from a chair — yet rather than examine on her or shot to lull her, the slings her under his arm like a bag of potatoes and also takes her from the room.

Lisa McMillion, the Fairfield daycare’s director, called WKRC-TV she fired both teachers and filed the report versus them.

Wilde Kingdom beforehand Learning facility teacher James Ciolino was fired and also slapped with an assault charge.Fairfield Police Department

“The video itself has actually all the truth it demands in it,” McMillion called the station. ”So as you clock that, or as shortly as you check out that, you know automatically what needs to it is in done.”

Before the video, the small girl had left the room with an additional class, follow to WKRC. The teacher of the class, figured out as Jennifer Miller, yelled at Ciolino come come obtain her, yet the male – that is explained as 6-foot tall and more than 300 lbs. – closed the door come his classroom.

Miller is viewed in the video clip opening the door come Ciolino’s class and leading the girl right into it.

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James Ciolino knocked the girl to the ground as her legs space flung into the air.Fairfield Police Department

Ciolino forcefully pushes the girl, in plain sight of Miller, that does nothing yet watch, letting the door nearby again. Miller encounters a charge of boy endangerment. Both teachers have actually pleaded no guilty.

The tiny girl’s mother, that wasn’t identified, said WKRC the video showed the guy push the girl away “like an animal.”

“A little baby who knows nothing who all she knows in life is play, eat and sleep – you press her down on her chest,” the mother said. “And she lying down crying and you space still doing what you to be doing? What a heartless man.”

James Ciolino slung the girl under his arm like a sack of potatoes and also took she from the room..Facebook