He’s Not big On tunes is a key Story Mission in work Gone. This walkthrough will overview you v all objectives of the “He’s Not large On Tunes” Main Quest.

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Reward: 10,000 XP, 700 to trust Wizard Island, 
One Down

He’s Not big On melody Starting Location

This mission unlocks after the end of girlfriend Alone I have Seen. This mission starts in Lake Crater.


Check In with Weaver

Weaver, no happy with the Colonel’s policy of no permitting soldiers to hear to music, asks you come retrieve his MP3 Player.


Find Weaver’s Mp3 Player

Ride come the refugees camp at Chemult community College and also sneak right into the area. If you go here at night, try to be together quiet as a mouse. This is generally a Horde area. If you go there throughout the day, friend should have actually no Freakers around you. Then operation to the tiny investigation area within the refugee camp. Right here you’ll find Weaver’s Mp3 Player.


Return come Weaver

To finish this mission merely return or fast-travel come camp and give Weaver his Mp3 Player.

This concludes He’s Not large On Tunes mission in job Gone and unlocks a brand-new Colonel Garret’s Speech, “Evil surrounding Us”.

For all other Days gone Story Missions inspect out the full Days gone Walkthrough.

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Jon N says

June 3, 2019 in ~ 5:54 am

In mine game during the work or night over there is an entire horde in the field.


Iner says

June 5, 2019 at 1:45 am

I cant obtain into weaver’s room. There’s a green tarp end the entrance. Totally stuck


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