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We have actually the latest Days the Our lives spoilers for Monday, October 18, v Friday, October 29. A tragedy threatens to end the life of one beloved Salem resident, Ciara suspects her wish could be comes true, and John yet again find himself having actually to face down the demon possessing Marlena!

Days of our Lives spoilers week that October 18:

Days Soapbox: Johnny demands to show some respect, Chloe demands to dump Philip, and Eli needs much more to do.

Days of our Lives spoiler for Monday, October 18:


In today’s recap, the devil and also Marlena finally end up being one, if Victor provides a attend to Trask and then asks Steve to discover Kristen.

Marlena makes a decision that’s going come absolutely floor both John and also Johnny. (Viewers, aware of what’s yes, really going on with her, most likely won’t be fairly as surprised!)

Bonnie and also Gwen wind up share a cell. Everyone else watch a girlfriend flick in the making? Meanwhile, Xander make the efforts to take it Justin under his wing.

Days of ours Lives spoilers for Tuesday, October 19:

It seems that Marlena’s unusual actions of late has ultimately gotten John’s attention. But when the ponders the opportunity of she being possessed however again, will he allow himself to accept that the adversary has when again taken control of his lovely Doc?

On the heels of Marlena’s big move yesterday, Johnny’s all set to start manufacturing of his movie!

Kate and also Lucas offer up Philip a tiny advice about his love life. However honestly, given their track records, possibly he should seek aid elsewhere! Meanwhile, the thing of Philip’s affection (and borderline obsession), Chloe, find herself being made an market by Brady!

Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, October 20:

Abigail has actually been suspicious of Jack’s various other daughter for quite some time. But when at last she filling Chad in on she theory around Gwen having actually lied to your dad, will her husband think her?

You might recall the EJ and Nicole’s very first attempt at a dinner date didn’t go particularly well. Thinking it worth one more go, EJ argues they have actually a do-over date. However he’ll have to squeeze the in between questioning sessions together Kayla and Steve team up to shot and acquire information from him.

Justin urges Bonnie come stay solid and organize out hope.

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Days of our Lives spoiler for Thursday, October 21:

Abe think it would be great to have actually his longtime girlfriend Marlena officiate once he and also Paulina tie the knot. Paulina, however, no so sure…

When Jake take away things right into his own hands, will certainly he have actually the desired result or only make a bad situation worse?

Julie’s had just around enough that being retained at arm’s length from she beloved Doug. But when she demands Marlena allow her see the patient, things may not go together Julie hopes! Meanwhile, man searches Marlena’s office because that answers regarding his wife’s recent behavior.

Days of our Lives spoiler for Friday, October 22:

Remember how in yesterday’s teasers us asked if Jake was around to make things worse? Well, this day he winds increase in police custody, so that answers that question!

How go Abe go from happy planning his future through Paulina to gift rushed come the hospital?

Ruh-roh… that looks like Marlena (or rather, the demon sharing she body) has determined that Julie need to be retained quiet at all costs! Is this really the end for Doug’s lover wife? Meanwhile, man is downright befuddled by what that discovers. Will he ultimately clue in to what’s walk on with his wife?

Days of ours Lives spoilers week the October 25:

Days of ours Lives spoilers for Monday, October 25:

Kayla does everything she can to revive Abe, but things don’t look at good. When he walks right into the proverbial light, can anyone or anything to convince him to fight for his life and also return come those who love him?

Days of our Lives spoiler for Tuesday, October 26:

Here come trouble! EJ will be stunned once he opens up the door to uncover Kristen standing there. What brings her earlier to town… and also might she return suggest a couple of unanswered questions will finally be addressed?

Days of ours Lives spoiler for Wednesday, October 27:

Nicole and EJ’s re-budding romance can hit a major roadblock today. Why? because he’s around to contact her out on a current deception!

Days of ours Lives spoilers for Thursday, October 28:

Halloween is always a spooky time in Salem, yet with the adversary wandering around, counting on points being even crazier 보다 usual… starting with Marlena’s costume, i m sorry absolutely floors Belle!

Days of our Lives spoiler for Friday, October 29:

Halloween is basically the devil’s version of Christmas. Will satan gain what he wants an ext than anything once Ciara bring away a pregnant test?

Nothing an excellent ever happens in a crypt, right? for this reason it have to surprise no one that when a possessed Marlena visits john there, it’s come torment him. Can John’s love as soon as again reach whatever is left the his wife’s soul?

View our picture gallery below, which attributes’ ideal disguises and also costumes, including some Salem favorites, and also get every the recent Days of our Lives exits and also returns in one place!